This Minecraft Map Read My Mind... 

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no joke.. this minecraft map was in my brain..

Map: www.minecraftmaps.com/horror-...

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4 märts 2021



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Roman Tucker
Roman Tucker 39 minutit tagasi
Quintanilla Manuel
Quintanilla Manuel Tund tagasi
Did Dan say the f word at 40:26
Quintanilla Manuel
Quintanilla Manuel Tund tagasi
Do Dan say the f word at 40😇
Quintanilla Manuel
Quintanilla Manuel Tund tagasi
Did Dan say the f word 40:26
Quintanilla Manuel
Quintanilla Manuel Tund tagasi
What is that meme but lol!
wayne matheson
wayne matheson Tund tagasi
6:00 bear of protection 2?
FriendlyFinn23 2 tundi tagasi
Not trying to be creepy, Scary enough for me already.
Bri Da cat gorl
Bri Da cat gorl 2 tundi tagasi
Hi thanks for reading wait NUGGET DAN
Munkey With Anxiety
Munkey With Anxiety 3 tundi tagasi
'my eyes will be protected by the virus' XD im so happy dan is growing up with me yall
Jackson Xie
Jackson Xie 4 tundi tagasi
Dude, there was a freaking shield in the chest that was in the living room…..you could’ve taken a chance to defend his attacks…..:/
FriendlyFinn23 5 tundi tagasi
Well this is your fault DanTDM, now I know your full name. Or should I say… Daniel Robert Middleton.
Ashraef Danial
Ashraef Danial 5 tundi tagasi
22:16 Thats literally my moms alarm ringtone whenever she wakes up every morning😂😂😂
Calynx nathan Cacactin
Calynx nathan Cacactin 8 tundi tagasi
Hello Daniel?
Pretty girl123
Pretty girl123 14 tundi tagasi
.....is it true your name...Daniel?
TaraToy nan zen
TaraToy nan zen 14 tundi tagasi
Holley Brewster
Holley Brewster 15 tundi tagasi
Daniel Robert Middleton your face is scareyr
Xcodtrender😜 15 tundi tagasi
Jason Gebala
Jason Gebala 20 tundi tagasi
He never did the shrek Easter egg
Emily Holland
Emily Holland 20 tundi tagasi
fideus de vermar is vermar noodles in english dan :)
Edan dhakal
Edan dhakal 20 tundi tagasi
Is nobody wondering why he said math instead of app
_Lawless_ YT
_Lawless_ YT 22 tundi tagasi
The invisibility only works outside of a 2 block radius on a mobs hitbox
FabianTheBigNoob YaaY
FabianTheBigNoob YaaY 22 tundi tagasi
FabianTheBigNoob YaaY
FabianTheBigNoob YaaY 22 tundi tagasi
Jax Gatti
Jax Gatti 23 tundi tagasi
Wait I'm a Middleton how???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Novella Hopkins
Novella Hopkins Päev tagasi
hablo ingles translated* i speak english
goodie2goodie1 Päev tagasi
By the way that creepy villager with the weird teeth it's just a Vindicator. And the Frankensteins are iron golems. And the "puppies" are revengers. The one with a crossbow was a Pillager
goodie2goodie1 Päev tagasi
You shouldn't have showed your full name MR MIDDLETON
beaniebob _plays
beaniebob _plays Päev tagasi
Can we nickname you Danny?
olivia holmberg
olivia holmberg Päev tagasi
YOU HAVNT SEEN THE WHAT MEME?! you have betrayed me
Jay Palmer
Jay Palmer Päev tagasi
When he went Dummy dumb Dummy dumb it got me
dude from nowhere lol
Oh and your career musician and actor Daniel robert mittertion
dude from nowhere lol
Btw dantdm you can ask Alexa who is dantdm and she will say your full namee
BlazeGames Päev tagasi
who thinks this map is giving resident evil 7 vibes
Chazzie Foxie
Chazzie Foxie Päev tagasi
slow-cooked lamb, tomatoes, short noodles, pork sausage, red wine, and aromatic spices are ingredients in fideus de vermar. It's literally noodles. 45:51 is when dan's name is said if anyone was looking for that
Chazzie Foxie
Chazzie Foxie Päev tagasi
'Unpog' - DanTDM 2021 -
Odin Jensen
Odin Jensen Päev tagasi
Dan: u can't see me! Why are you cheating? Me: HE CAN SEE U BECAUSE OF THE BORDER AROUND YOU.....YOU F****** IDIOT
Sandra Attenborough
Sandra Attenborough Päev tagasi
Hi daniel
Sandra Attenborough
Sandra Attenborough Päev tagasi
Hey Daniel
NPC Päev tagasi
Hi Daniel Robert Middleton
Epic gamer PeteYT
Epic gamer PeteYT Päev tagasi
29:20 wait what
Isabella App
Isabella App Päev tagasi
Wow! My favorite EEfromr Your amazing videos keep my Motivation up at 1000000000% Keep up the good work
Ava Arioto
Ava Arioto 2 päeva tagasi
JBLPN YT 2 päeva tagasi
does the mind reading work for everyone else? even with their mother's account?
JBLPN YT Päev tagasi
@Dragon Emperor okay
Dragon Emperor
Dragon Emperor Päev tagasi
Nope, It only works for certain EEfromrs listed at 1:32
ZaneyGamingYT 2 päeva tagasi
dan u need to play 1 night at flumptys 2
Alazozzayy’s Planes
Alazozzayy’s Planes 2 päeva tagasi
This was my favorite 1 hour
Jessica Arsenault
Jessica Arsenault 2 päeva tagasi
I would go crative and then full netherright stuff
Misty Credo
Misty Credo 2 päeva tagasi
Excellent spelling.
l x
l x 2 päeva tagasi
it is a type of food
Misty Credo
Misty Credo 2 päeva tagasi
MDgamer2021 2 päeva tagasi
29:13 funny
jackscythe 2 päeva tagasi
DANIEL - iel = dan + tdm = dantdm
AprilsFilms 2 päeva tagasi
I don't think it read your mind, Dan; Bebal could be referring to _any_ "Daniel Robert Middleton!"
Lion Skriller
Lion Skriller 2 päeva tagasi
The outro tho
Ellie YT
Ellie YT 3 päeva tagasi
Drvictor: elie? Me that’s name is Ellie: yes?
peggy mcMenamin
peggy mcMenamin 3 päeva tagasi
40:25 did he say the f word
BLAMMED 3 päeva tagasi
He was a bit delayed on the intro, look: 0:00
peggy mcMenamin
peggy mcMenamin 3 päeva tagasi
18:44 now tell me that didn’t scare you
RvL Dark Banana
RvL Dark Banana 3 päeva tagasi
Now we know ur name
シWafflezシ 3 päeva tagasi
I watched the entire thing without knowing it was 54 minutes ;-;
Death 786
Death 786 3 päeva tagasi
hello daniel robert middleton or should i say DRM
Death 786
Death 786 3 päeva tagasi
Death 786
Death 786 3 päeva tagasi
AChris ACilley
AChris ACilley 3 päeva tagasi
Dan dancing at the what meme 29:19 Also Dan: Ow!
Video CRUZ
Video CRUZ 3 päeva tagasi
I bet u he typed his name before playing that map
anthony pearce
anthony pearce 3 päeva tagasi
Me hear dan:don't mind if I do My brain: don't mine if I do Me: ^_^
roz norton
roz norton 3 päeva tagasi
dan i just wanted to say your my childhood idel and i love you
AnimeWeebStorys 3 päeva tagasi
The map takes info from your pc and it looks at your account for your name but if your middle name isn’t there then that’s just freaky
Smudger Alex
Smudger Alex 3 päeva tagasi
Did you see the glow up on dans character
Chezel Rubia
Chezel Rubia 3 päeva tagasi
This i make a speedpaint
Morgan Holker
Morgan Holker 3 päeva tagasi
i now know Dans middle name. i sall put it too good use😈
LoLer 17
LoLer 17 3 päeva tagasi
Dan Robert Middleton
Eli Phillips
Eli Phillips 3 päeva tagasi
this map scared the heck out of me
Iphone X
Iphone X 4 päeva tagasi
Little Man
Little Man 4 päeva tagasi
Hi DanTDM I love all of your videos I watch them a lot I keep up with all the videos that you upload I also hit the Bell turned on notifications and subscribe can you please please please please please please add me to your list please and I also play on a game called magic fact you can also come play on me I mean not on me or you can play with me because you can actually look at my house I'll give you a tour in my house plus it's really easy to play plus I also have regular Minecraft and among Us I don't know if you have a moment but you're free to join my circle once ever you want sometimes I may don't join up
LEGO skeleton
LEGO skeleton 4 päeva tagasi
0:04 aAaA
Destruct0 GABE8
Destruct0 GABE8 4 päeva tagasi
Gamerkid 4 päeva tagasi
minecraft map: dabiel robert middleten :dan:wait who is that guy dabiel robert middle WAIT THATS MY NAME AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
waanjai 4 päeva tagasi
Bebal: _"Daniel Robert Middleton"_ Dan: That name sounds familiar, wait- _wAIT THAT'S MY NAME-_
YAP WIEN Moe 4 päeva tagasi
"middle name leaked middle name leaked!" daniel MIDDLEton NVM NVM I DIDNT SAY THAT I DIDNT SAY THAT WHY DID I SAY THAT NONONONONONONO
Abbey YT
Abbey YT 4 päeva tagasi
Dan: “estoy to perdido.. yes sir, despactio.” Also Dan, **not knowing it means I am lost**
OpPickles 135
OpPickles 135 2 päeva tagasi
@Abbey YT no, wasn't that interested, its hard to sit through an hour long vid when you have adhd 😅😅
Abbey YT
Abbey YT 2 päeva tagasi
@OpPickles 135 did you watch the video?-
OpPickles 135
OpPickles 135 3 päeva tagasi
bucaciuc viorela
bucaciuc viorela 4 päeva tagasi
Cool name Dan !
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Cubeyfoot 4 päeva tagasi
2:20-2:23 "Unreversible" - should've been "Irreversible"
Angel Rhain Abundo
Angel Rhain Abundo 4 päeva tagasi
Seeing his reaction to the map knowing his full name makes me want to see him play Doki Doki literature club 😂😂😂
Nightflash 4 päeva tagasi
Dan Btw the sound that the trip wire does is the defult alrm sound on huwaie phone'
M3XIC4NTIGER 4 päeva tagasi
13:41 did you know thats accually my name?
Steve 4 päeva tagasi
I prefer Dan instead of his full name
Sweaty hands99
Sweaty hands99 4 päeva tagasi
Robert Daniel Jr 👏
Alvaro Gutierrez
Alvaro Gutierrez 4 päeva tagasi
When he said we didn't see that villager second boom villager
Quinn Blalock
Quinn Blalock 4 päeva tagasi
dan: this is vanilla minecraft also dan: (puts on emerald boots)
Angelinne Avendano
Angelinne Avendano 4 päeva tagasi
Tridents only make you go faster if you have riptide
Olivias world
Olivias world 5 päeva tagasi
They say his full name : YOOOO, NOOOOOO, BROOOOO, FLIP NO, FLIP NO!!
Ray Alvarez
Ray Alvarez 5 päeva tagasi
I play this minecraft map but it did not say my full name
Mason Cedillo
Mason Cedillo 5 päeva tagasi
I litterally saw him ViBrAtEeEe 17:59
Roblox MIX Roblox MIX
Roblox MIX Roblox MIX 5 päeva tagasi
I watch a few minutes of this video though scary
Bien Mico Orteguia
Bien Mico Orteguia 5 päeva tagasi
Bro i can literally see him shaking at the start of the video, fell you man!
The Little Explorer
The Little Explorer 5 päeva tagasi
That villager in the wood thingy is a head
Gamerkedi 5 päeva tagasi
tgf brothers
tgf brothers 5 päeva tagasi
Nooooooo mr dogo
Yic9332 ROBLOX
Yic9332 ROBLOX 5 päeva tagasi
Yic9332 ROBLOX
Yic9332 ROBLOX 5 päeva tagasi
The_War_LordBG 5 päeva tagasi
GoodWork Potatoman
Christcp ph
Christcp ph 5 päeva tagasi
If tommy herr it will make this horror map more funnier
Bollewin 5 päeva tagasi
someone plz help i cant find when dan got memed
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