I FOUND IT! (Little Nightmares II SECRET ENDING) 

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1 märts 2021



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Raif Chowdhury
Raif Chowdhury 8 tundi tagasi
Did you know that little nightmare 1 comes after little nightmare 2 in the original timeline
Raif Chowdhury
Raif Chowdhury 8 tundi tagasi
There is a video about it you should watch it dan
Nancy Berlind
Nancy Berlind 23 tundi tagasi
That must be why six dropped mono! That's the toy and has, was the music box that comforted her And mono broke it So payback is to drop him
six has a hunger, she gets hungery and she will eat anything she sees so she bib not want to eat mono
L Paradiso
L Paradiso Päev tagasi
You still look great with glasses on.😎
Cal Train
Cal Train 2 päeva tagasi
28:05 That picture on the ground is the Maw where Six is inLittle Nightmares 1! 😲
Coco Crossing
Coco Crossing 2 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or everytime in the teacher level i just hear the teacher screaming her head off and thag really creeps me out,out of anything.
Ruby Madrigal
Ruby Madrigal 3 päeva tagasi
That is the luck lady
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Gaming Reaper
Gaming Reaper 4 päeva tagasi
Shovel is sus
R3L04D R3L04D
R3L04D R3L04D 5 päeva tagasi
Did dan just call a wagon a mine cart
Firestorm #1
Firestorm #1 5 päeva tagasi
I just realized that six’s music box has the same music as the geisha humming… edit: when I watched the ending of little nightmares 1 the geisha humming creeped me out
Ehlafe Yere-Battad
Ehlafe Yere-Battad 5 päeva tagasi
Woah the guy with a hat you said slender man i heard it in yt he is called the hater
1234 randomguy
1234 randomguy 6 päeva tagasi
Spaghetti Python
Spaghetti Python 6 päeva tagasi
LaxineGaming 6 päeva tagasi
Now prepare for lil nightmares III
Nay Dana Pyae
Nay Dana Pyae 7 päeva tagasi
The reason why six betray mono.... Is...... Because six has a thing when he suffer hunger the only way to cure is to eat a lifeform and so when at the end the reason six drop mono is six realized that she well soon have to eat mono and she also realized that mono can survive that fall so she drop him
Bokuto'sbaby Owl
Bokuto'sbaby Owl 7 päeva tagasi
Theory: The reason six dropped mono is because seeing the flesh in the basement made her hungry and she cared for mono to much to eat him. She dropped him because she was scared her hunger would take over her. Mono was heartbroken and slowly started getting more and more angry with six. Mono goes to the past and tries to take six to stop him from falling.
FPACS19 MCWILL 7 päeva tagasi
Do a battle cats video and make a series it will be fun 😺😺
Trent Goodman
Trent Goodman 8 päeva tagasi
6 committed suicide
Hazza Almarzooqi
Hazza Almarzooqi 8 päeva tagasi
It’s going opposite
xd_SabihPro 8 päeva tagasi
Is this pale city pls tell me its pale city
Lewie Playzz
Lewie Playzz 8 päeva tagasi
6 takes the power of mono
Happy Marley S
Happy Marley S 8 päeva tagasi
No joke the night I finished the game I cried myself to sleep. True story ☺ So I made up an alternative ending To avoid a lot painful DEATH, six dropped mono because she didn't want to eat him, and her hunger made her weak. Mono never turned into the thin man, instead he snuck out as the thin man came to check on him ( I was desperate when I made it up ok? Trust the process!) He had a long adventure in search of six, hoping to make it right with her wondering if he did something wrong that made six leave. HIS adventure went on while six was in the maw. At the end of lil nightmares 1 whensix sees the sun, she also sees mono. With her new power of ULTIMATE DISTRUCTION, they....put The members of the city to perment sleep...as REVENGE! SHE also escapes with the children from the maw after they return from the city. I know, it's kinda fairy tale but in my opinion it is better than the sad ending of the REAL little nightmares 2.
AC  cookie smudge
AC cookie smudge 9 päeva tagasi
Andrew Bonner
Andrew Bonner 9 päeva tagasi
5:50 don’t report it to the police just report it and vote out the imposter
Reilly Richards
Reilly Richards 9 päeva tagasi
Mono:*absorbs glitch fragment *Six: *eats Nome*Mono : I can eat stuff too Six: ???
ezakio45 9 päeva tagasi
its a loop she comes back to the maw to become the lady
Lucas Roberts
Lucas Roberts 9 päeva tagasi
You know there is a book that shows cut content from the game and there’s even mono,s bag available
Xxrainbow_mushroomxX 10 päeva tagasi
The reason why she dropped you is because you destroyed her only safe place the music box and also the glitched version of her is the reason of her hunger
CooperGal24 10 päeva tagasi
Little Nightmares 2 is BASICALLY a prequel, so...Sadly yes.
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 10 päeva tagasi
Can you please finish just shapes and beats
Carmen Dee Caylie
Carmen Dee Caylie 10 päeva tagasi
I, ll make one Quistion is six a vilane or a hero???
ArkhamKill 11 päeva tagasi
Cry baby your nose is ugly
xiaoli duke
xiaoli duke 12 päeva tagasi
you should lisen to the little nightmares 2 them song by mai its good
xiaoli duke
xiaoli duke 12 päeva tagasi
she had to drop him because she will had to EAT HIM yum yum XD
Josephine Ropella
Josephine Ropella 12 päeva tagasi
9:35 that's kinda sus dan
Ozzy Ryan
Ozzy Ryan 12 päeva tagasi
Did you know that the lady is six
Juli Beni
Juli Beni 14 päeva tagasi
I think six starves to death because either the glitch shows that you're or is trapped in tv
Rebecca Vaughan
Rebecca Vaughan 15 päeva tagasi
I love everything about DanTDM
Rebecca Vaughan
Rebecca Vaughan 15 päeva tagasi
I love how much of a twist there is
WONG WEI HAN Moe 15 päeva tagasi
Corgi Queen
Corgi Queen 15 päeva tagasi
I don’t mean to sour the mood but if you think about it maybe six had her reasons (yes I did research it’s a her UwU) bc when the tall man came and took six mono didn’t help and in another sene six and mono share a moment where they look into each other’s eyes this could either be their demotion to friendship or six realizing that monos is not worthy. Being in this world all the time may give her the mindset to get rid of the things no use to her. Either this or she would’ve just ate mono :3
Braeden O'Brien
Braeden O'Brien 15 päeva tagasi
Corgi Queen
Corgi Queen 15 päeva tagasi
Six x mono come on I can’t be the only one
Father and Son
Father and Son 16 päeva tagasi
Fdgcff I love you
haxes head
haxes head 18 päeva tagasi
A colossal paradox, where you meet yourself, but you are duplicated, but you're not, and you meet yourself but don't.....
Maddie-08 18 päeva tagasi
SIX: *falls* DAN: ._.
jaikrish 18 päeva tagasi
fyug yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Hanin, Shareen & Friends
Hanin, Shareen & Friends 19 päeva tagasi
11:02 I thought Six can't die
Izlan Salinas
Izlan Salinas 19 päeva tagasi
Six 😭😭😭
Jeanette LaBrosciano
Jeanette LaBrosciano 19 päeva tagasi
OMG i just relisted something mono was collecting the glitch children and i think the reason the children died was because the glitch children they made the children hungry and when they couldn't stand it anymore they resorted to eating themselves. whenever six would get hungry shadow six would appear but since mono was collecting them shadow six never came out because she would get collected AND with out mono she would have never made it to little nightmares 1. i am mind-blown.
Ian Rdz
Ian Rdz 20 päeva tagasi
Dan that room with the geisha has a picture of the lady six ate
Olivia Mauricio
Olivia Mauricio 20 päeva tagasi
did you know i think i found it 2 weeks ago
_Pastel_Vibes_ 20 päeva tagasi
This whole episode gave me serious demon slayer vibes
Allison Brown ArtDesign
Allison Brown ArtDesign 20 päeva tagasi
Dan needs to solve the child buried under a tree case
The twin J’s
The twin J’s 21 päev tagasi
How does mono see the glitched remains tho
Tristan M
Tristan M 21 päev tagasi
I also have glass....
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson 22 päeva tagasi
Well you already got a secret endinh
Cody Dill
Cody Dill 22 päeva tagasi
If you download the little nightmares 2 story app you’ll get to see some of the stories of the glitched characters
Ashley Cromar
Ashley Cromar 22 päeva tagasi
How to get the guns hat and it’s the the attic in the hunters house
EN박소윤 23 päeva tagasi
In little nightmares I when six gets hungry, she eats any living thing she sees, and at the end you hear sixes stoumach growling so she was hungry and didn't want to eat mono
Lucia Wong
Lucia Wong 23 päeva tagasi
*So there’s the dead dinner-lady, dead Stitches, dead patient in treatment from octopus/pickles, dead Lady, dead gnome, dead customers from Little Nightmares 1, dead rats, dead pigs.. (because of sausage), dead Thin/Tall Man, dead glitches and dead brain (from me)*
Tia Havard
Tia Havard 24 päeva tagasi
Poppy Fisher
Poppy Fisher 26 päeva tagasi
i laughed so hard when u just see six fall of the legde lol six'' bye bye *falls off the legde..''
Kirsten vidmar
Kirsten vidmar 26 päeva tagasi
But what does that DO (him touching the foot last video) from his friend
Kirsten vidmar
Kirsten vidmar 26 päeva tagasi
the glasses look really good on him it's really not that bad!😊
Bushiboi 26 päeva tagasi
11:04 eh this is normal...
Miodrag Dinic
Miodrag Dinic 26 päeva tagasi
Wata the fakk😱
Angel G
Angel G 26 päeva tagasi
Emilio Loza
Emilio Loza 26 päeva tagasi
The dead person die from the bully’s aka the student there called bully’s
Diego A
Diego A 26 päeva tagasi
Six was playing a music box at the begging and at the end he was playing one 😮😲
Stephanie Long
Stephanie Long 27 päeva tagasi
It’s a picture of the maw
Xavier Pellerin
Xavier Pellerin 28 päeva tagasi
i have been watching you for years
Zuriel Kian
Zuriel Kian 28 päeva tagasi
Zuriel Kian
Zuriel Kian 28 päeva tagasi
Xx EmberxX
Xx EmberxX 28 päeva tagasi
please don't tell me im the only one who just wants more little nightmares because it's interesting
Ava Arioto
Ava Arioto 29 päeva tagasi
fUn FaCt mOnO Is A BoY :3
Ava Arioto
Ava Arioto 29 päeva tagasi
《Toga Himiko 》
《Toga Himiko 》 29 päeva tagasi
The glitches are children that had died. A app called little nightmare comics shows the children and where they died and stuff one is about six and the last is about mono
Dj Kay
Dj Kay Місяць tagasi
In the secret ending next to evil six is a poster next to the sock of the boat from the previous little nightmares this game is a prequel
Dj Kay
Dj Kay Місяць tagasi
Sorry I didn't watch the whole thing 😅
That1emerald Dude
That1emerald Dude Місяць tagasi
I don’t know how the second game was a prequel
Jeri Florenze Fijer
Jeri Florenze Fijer Місяць tagasi
Six: who are you Glich six: i am glich six but you are bad guy in your FUTURE
Tracy Donaldson
Tracy Donaldson Місяць tagasi
Stab her in the back
Kakyoin-olli Місяць tagasi
I thought it was a prequel cause she has no phsycic powers anymore
BlizzardCG Місяць tagasi
If I tricked you tell me
Selena Myhovich
Selena Myhovich Місяць tagasi
Georginio Janssen
Georginio Janssen Місяць tagasi
Dan: mabye the end cutscene is diffrent? Me:FORSHADOWING
Diamond YT
Diamond YT Місяць tagasi
Xi Lê văn
Xi Lê văn Місяць tagasi
If she dont do that she will kill him because of her hunger issue
saul_ lol
saul_ lol Місяць tagasi
28:27 no little nigthmares 3 the hunger mans that six needs food going back to little nigh mares 1 where six was also very hungry little nighmares 2 isent a sequal its a prevew of the origanal game
Jay Mappala
Jay Mappala Місяць tagasi
Theroy mono went back in time from inside the screen to kill him self because of the torment he has been through
• Oliver •
• Oliver • Місяць tagasi
shadow six
Sufiah Aziz
Sufiah Aziz Місяць tagasi
11:02 has really made me wonder if six is not an npc
Jah Jah
Jah Jah Місяць tagasi
She is Evil 😈 and hungry 🙇+🍲 she saved you from her hunger and her name is SHADOW SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicola Bowes
Nicola Bowes Місяць tagasi
Six betrayed mono bc of the shadow six
love BLM pony
love BLM pony Місяць tagasi
She was hungry and didn't want to eat him
Lynn Mainolfi
Lynn Mainolfi Місяць tagasi
At the end six pull you up in the sercet ending
Pat F.
Pat F. Місяць tagasi
This is a Time loop I don't think it's possible to break it and also six is not on the bad side. everyone's just living their lives. it's just a little nightmare time loops are nightmares. no one's necessary bad or good it's just how they live their life. it's just how they live
Logan Heron
Logan Heron Місяць tagasi
14:31 Dan Is da baby
Logan Heron
Logan Heron Місяць tagasi
You look good in glasses
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