New Nose Reveal.. 

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19 mai 2021



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InPoggNito 3 tundi tagasi
It looks very similar.
7009 Mohamed Butti Ahmed Buafra Almheiri
DuckyXpress 7 tundi tagasi
anyone remember the release of the mod reivews?
JxyKun Päev tagasi
*EEfrom chats* Chat: *goes wild*
TheOne TEM
TheOne TEM Päev tagasi
1:41 how about MoreTDM
XMatix_ZyPhEr Päev tagasi
dangit i was hoping it would be gon cus its ugly jk
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan Päev tagasi
Yeah Dan did a nose job. Oh wait, it's the same.
Red brick901
Red brick901 Päev tagasi
What happened to the vlog channel Dan????
Tin TDM Päev tagasi
I was expecting a new villager nose
Spade Loser
Spade Loser 2 päeva tagasi
Day 5 of trying to get Dan to play Omori
Kalpa Kara
Kalpa Kara 2 päeva tagasi
Riverrain Joaquin
Riverrain Joaquin 3 päeva tagasi
POV : Your scrolling down through Dan's channel to try to see the difference
ツZEFIX 3 päeva tagasi
Max Wright
Max Wright 4 päeva tagasi
*s n i f f*
*•*Gacha Banana*•*
*•*Gacha Banana*•* 4 päeva tagasi
Im confused
Kashvi Rivaan
Kashvi Rivaan 4 päeva tagasi
his nose is straight now :D
Idzhar Khaliq
Idzhar Khaliq 4 päeva tagasi
You shouldn’t uploaded this but it’s fine
DivineGraceV. DelMundo
DivineGraceV. DelMundo 4 päeva tagasi
His nose is cute
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Mob 4 päeva tagasi
Dan forgot about moretdm
•Gacha Dylan•
•Gacha Dylan• 5 päeva tagasi
*sniff* i smell new noses, quarters, dimes, dollar bills, but not pennies.
Tam Mar
Tam Mar 5 päeva tagasi
Most beautiful nose ever
JackTGB 5 päeva tagasi
The long two weeks😩
AppleGamer 5 päeva tagasi
is sneezing painful?
Ethan 5 päeva tagasi
This should be uploaded in the DanTDm Shorts
Fam Fun
Fam Fun 5 päeva tagasi
I never noticed anything and I've been watching since mods with Dr traorus
Bonnie Bunny
Bonnie Bunny 5 päeva tagasi
Amin Hafid
Amin Hafid 6 päeva tagasi
take care!
swag kermy
swag kermy 6 päeva tagasi
Who remembers his mod vids
RXY xm
RXY xm 6 päeva tagasi
Dan I know u probably won’t believe me but I’ve been watching u for 7 years u are my favourite EEfrom
Gabriel's Channels
Gabriel's Channels 6 päeva tagasi
Dcbhklll) hi dan
Creeper Deepa
Creeper Deepa 6 päeva tagasi
glad your ok
ProGamerDude's Son
ProGamerDude's Son 6 päeva tagasi
:- banana Hannah ooo-:
:- banana Hannah ooo-: 6 päeva tagasi
Villager Noses
Your Wealth Journey
Your Wealth Journey 6 päeva tagasi
Glad you’re doing great!
Dazdude06 6 päeva tagasi
DanTDM: Says he has 3 channels, The main one (this one) DanTDM Shorts, and DanTDM Live. More TDM: *sad forgotten channel noises*
Armor_Geddonbelike 7 päeva tagasi
Wait since when does EEfrom comments on. Vids?
MA Kleemoff
MA Kleemoff 7 päeva tagasi
Mom Did I do that
Mom Did I do that 7 päeva tagasi
The difference is there was red on his nose and no more red :)
ItsCrusadingTime 7 päeva tagasi
I have no idea what happened
kind of weird
kind of weird 7 päeva tagasi
Jordan Roush
Jordan Roush 7 päeva tagasi
I haven’t watched you for a while Dan… glad to be back!
CrossoverWorlds 7 päeva tagasi
I had a problem with my nose where i could only breath out of one nostril, then somehow it fixed itself, then stopped, then fixed itself again. Human anatomy: It doesn't make sense!
TaylorTea 7 päeva tagasi
"nOsE rEvEaL" Me: Sheeeeeeeesh
AestheticAkariYT 8 päeva tagasi
Oh god- my nose is blocked and I can only breath through my mouth xD
Peyton Ballard
Peyton Ballard 8 päeva tagasi
Do you remember trayurus
Andrea Moggia
Andrea Moggia 8 päeva tagasi
Do mor btd 6
Chris Yelland
Chris Yelland 8 päeva tagasi
What happened?
Aubree Cusmano
Aubree Cusmano 8 päeva tagasi
Feel better dan
Willa Smith
Willa Smith 8 päeva tagasi
It looks the same
FrogBoy 8 päeva tagasi
no offense but maybe you should get a villager nose instead
When its short U should share it to short videp channel
•Exøtic Glitch•
•Exøtic Glitch• 8 päeva tagasi
hi diamonds
hi diamonds 8 päeva tagasi
Dan needs to play rainbow six
CrazyBoyT 8 päeva tagasi
New season of fortnight tomorrow and your nose looks good but pretty much the same
Suhvin Park
Suhvin Park 9 päeva tagasi
What happened? I missed quite a bit apparently- :) hope the recovery is good!
Riot Vibe
Riot Vibe 9 päeva tagasi
0:17 0:31
Ahmad Alnajjar
Ahmad Alnajjar 9 päeva tagasi
The recovery goes well 👃👍👍
Ahmad Alnajjar
Ahmad Alnajjar 9 päeva tagasi
The recovery goes well 👃👍👍
owend swift
owend swift 9 päeva tagasi
Ah the troll
Who is that pokemon
Who is that pokemon 9 päeva tagasi
Ikonik-Throne34 9 päeva tagasi
Hmmm hello dantdm I am late to this video so hi and btw you should play some car games maybe idk?
Arati Prabhu
Arati Prabhu 9 päeva tagasi
More Minecraft
Tayler Branscum
Tayler Branscum 9 päeva tagasi
I hope the recovery goes good
tricky phase 3
tricky phase 3 9 päeva tagasi
You got a new nose ?!?!!??!?
TwoRandomWords 9 päeva tagasi
Pin youtube
lama Expertise
lama Expertise 10 päeva tagasi
Bruh when I’m watching this is says 2 weeks ago
NINTENDOGODEX 10 päeva tagasi
Rushy Gamer
Rushy Gamer 10 päeva tagasi
Shiny nose
your cod guy
your cod guy 10 päeva tagasi
Hope your nose gets better
sandy parham
sandy parham 10 päeva tagasi
After 7 years he sounds the same
Oakley Edwards
Oakley Edwards 10 päeva tagasi
I am so confused
Gladiator 10 päeva tagasi
Noc is ugly
FinnTube Channel
FinnTube Channel 10 päeva tagasi
I have the same thing to in 2021
AimlessPlays 10 päeva tagasi
Clumzy Sox
Clumzy Sox 10 päeva tagasi
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 10 päeva tagasi
If u agree thats dan should finish Just shapes and beats
lemoonsus 10 päeva tagasi
Tails plays bmgo
Tails plays bmgo 10 päeva tagasi
Yes in had been 2 weeks
Storm_Hooppsz 10 päeva tagasi
Love you
Rashid Sheriffdeen
Rashid Sheriffdeen 10 päeva tagasi
Levi Jones
Levi Jones 10 päeva tagasi
25 million subs! Congratulations!!
Lucas Boser
Lucas Boser 10 päeva tagasi
Dan honestly i had the same problem, I hope your recovery goes well and if you have already recovered thats great!
famamlc 10 päeva tagasi
other youtuber: face reveal!!! dan: nose reveal
AnimeFan 11 päeva tagasi
Kitty mint icecream time What's Up
Your nose is cr
Aamir Yar
Aamir Yar 11 päeva tagasi
Wait. Wat happened to his nose
PAXTIN O'KERT 11 päeva tagasi
Cookie_dough_Dino 11 päeva tagasi
Is it just me who stared at his nose for the rest of the video
GTthund3r 11 päeva tagasi
No way after 6 years of watching you I never thought you would get a new nose
plays dapo
plays dapo 11 päeva tagasi
glad having you back, :D
Rahja Ramchet
Rahja Ramchet 11 päeva tagasi
Aiden Williams
Aiden Williams 11 päeva tagasi
Wait what happened again?
XxHoney QueenzxX
XxHoney QueenzxX 11 päeva tagasi
I have been watching since four.. and I still can’t believe he’s grown in subs so fast
these guys again
these guys again 11 päeva tagasi
Hi dan
Llama gamer
Llama gamer 11 päeva tagasi
Nobody nose Get it?
Pog Lord360
Pog Lord360 11 päeva tagasi
Compare before then after His Nose looks the same
walker kunz
walker kunz 11 päeva tagasi
im a long time fan
icer plays
icer plays 12 päeva tagasi
icer plays
icer plays 12 päeva tagasi
Make you nose big
Trinity Benard
Trinity Benard 12 päeva tagasi
I really hope there we cover comes very good on your nose and I thought you Folled us
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