i was killed.. (Shady Oaks SMP) 

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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft EEfromrs where we go to chill... or cause havoc!

Edited by: DanTDM



19 apr 2021



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tfvj 48 minutit tagasi
this is good roleplay
Enderwolf Päev tagasi
i just realized shady oaks came from the movie up
Tubboinnit Päev tagasi
Dan you are my childhood EEfromrs or my _Comfort EEfromr_
YoYo The1
YoYo The1 2 päeva tagasi
Iballistic squid “you are my best friend “ *sad stampy noises*
Valerie Frog
Valerie Frog 3 päeva tagasi
A grindstone.
Enoel casillas
Enoel casillas 3 päeva tagasi
Dan waits untill dream smp falls now the next dream smp is shady oaks
Spottedtail2017 4 päeva tagasi
I remember watching that stream XD hilarious!
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Galaxi Calesti
Galaxi Calesti 5 päeva tagasi
The lore begins
Im Bored
Im Bored 5 päeva tagasi
When he said anti curse I said put the sword in the milk so that it’s back to normal 😂
D.J. Scian
D.J. Scian 5 päeva tagasi
You should try and add the Atlantic craft crew
Angela Hyde
Angela Hyde 5 päeva tagasi
I remember eleven years ago iBallisticSquid was now talking at all and running around and now he's talking wow
Zachary Butler
Zachary Butler 5 päeva tagasi
Here are some facts that will ruin your day: Someday Dan will be gone, someday you will place your last Minecraft block and not realize it, someday all Minecraft worlds will die, someday, your Minecraft dog will see you for the last time, and someday, Minecraft will be played for the last time
Aprianex 6 päeva tagasi
6:42 "REVENGE IS COMING" The fact that Squid foreshadowed the next Netherite Piece makes me think that Squid is actually Kindness, not the sword.
Beny Garcia
Beny Garcia 6 päeva tagasi
you should give squid a weakness potion and a golden apple
Emma Day
Emma Day 7 päeva tagasi
Squid got rabies.
OmegaRBLX 7 päeva tagasi
3:29 that reminds me about his live show series bc he is talking through the episode of SHADY OAKS
Mrak is otn elar.
Mrak is otn elar. 8 päeva tagasi
Damn, another amp turned into a role play server. Rest in peace, my initial joy
ManWasTaken 9 päeva tagasi
can u do more videos on the shady oaks smp
oscar_legobuilder 9 päeva tagasi
I have an idea: you know those blocks with the buzz saws on it? It can disenchant things! Find one of them and you can remove the curse from kindness
SeriousBeaver55 4 päeva tagasi
Agris Nikitenko
Agris Nikitenko 9 päeva tagasi
i watch Dream smp. But to be fair this story starting is much better.
RyanLiveOfficial 9 päeva tagasi
is there a map download?
shgercube 10 päeva tagasi
Welcome everyone to the NEW dream smp
Creepo MC
Creepo MC 10 päeva tagasi
lav3nder4life _
lav3nder4life _ 10 päeva tagasi
7:56 that’s a bit suss ya know 👀
minecrafter tenno vods
minecrafter tenno vods 11 päeva tagasi
can you had ssundee seice hes been plaing minecraft for ages now
Iammcnave 11 päeva tagasi
P Chan
P Chan 11 päeva tagasi
Shady oaks lore???
Im Plague cat
Im Plague cat 12 päeva tagasi
U should set up a hitman shop in which people can place hits for a fee and u kill the target DanTDM
Pia Fernandez
Pia Fernandez 12 päeva tagasi
Please add ssundee
The Gaming Goods
The Gaming Goods 12 päeva tagasi
L. griffin
L. griffin 12 päeva tagasi
DanTDM: *puts all his armor and weapons in chest Me: ... ok? DanTDM: *dies Me: Bruh
Aaron Creekmore
Aaron Creekmore 12 päeva tagasi
or despawn kindness
Aaron Creekmore
Aaron Creekmore 12 päeva tagasi
use the grindstone
cornbread studios
cornbread studios 13 päeva tagasi
I dont get it Is it hardcore?
Galactcal Glimps
Galactcal Glimps 13 päeva tagasi
When is the next episode coming?
HarryIsNOTAHumanYT 13 päeva tagasi
Ashley Ristau
Ashley Ristau 13 päeva tagasi
We need more shady Oaks smp
Dartyious 13 päeva tagasi
Roses are red Piglets are blue Dan do be dead But he is amazing too!
Roberts Gaming
Roberts Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
It has loreeeeeesesssess
Angelo Meloni
Angelo Meloni 13 päeva tagasi
How have I not seen this sooner I have been waiting for this since I was 9
Alan M
Alan M 14 päeva tagasi
Is it over?
M Miah
M Miah 14 päeva tagasi
It says to be continued.... It hasn't continued for a month... Dan please make more! :(
Orca August
Orca August 14 päeva tagasi
9:18 had me LOLLING! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben Wardle
Ben Wardle 15 päeva tagasi
stamps should join the server
Caikally 15 päeva tagasi
How many Canon lives do you have in the shady oaks smp?-
Greylikes_bread 15 päeva tagasi
Ok but when dan jumped of the building. I think we all know what was in are head :/
Sam Ultra
Sam Ultra 15 päeva tagasi
RIP shady oaks smp
The friendly Donut
The friendly Donut 15 päeva tagasi
SeriousBeaver55 4 päeva tagasi
It's called lore😂😂
Crownx 16 päeva tagasi
Rubys Toast 2
Rubys Toast 2 16 päeva tagasi
ryy6 -my bird yes, he typed that
Gaming Reaper
Gaming Reaper 16 päeva tagasi
Hey think
The dragons Skits
The dragons Skits 17 päeva tagasi
I wish he would bring back the Shady Oaks Smp
The dragons Skits
The dragons Skits 15 päeva tagasi
@Steven 215 I mean into the YT content I’m not a twitch user
StarBurst Bliss
StarBurst Bliss 17 päeva tagasi
Me: enjoying the video though I’m screaming, “GET RID OF THE SWORD!” Video: to be continued Playlist: no more parts Me: ... Srsly tho what was that. You can’t just cut that off and call it an ending
khozzmo 17 päeva tagasi
therobloxinformer 2
therobloxinformer 2 17 päeva tagasi
"evil sounds" - kindness
StarGirl 9510
StarGirl 9510 17 päeva tagasi
The fact that billboard is still rotated
i z z y
i z z y 17 päeva tagasi
he's old, it was bound to happen...
mpv gaming
mpv gaming 17 päeva tagasi
5:11 Jerome in the chat tho XD
Brandt Sports
Brandt Sports 17 päeva tagasi
When does the next one come
carsnow2011 18 päeva tagasi
when will you post the next episode to EEfrom i really want this series to come back and i know others do to
Sallyman1 18 päeva tagasi
More more shady ouqs
Iclux_ 18 päeva tagasi
when he was saying tick tock he just wanted to watch tik tok
Darthrex88 18 päeva tagasi
When will the next episode be coming out?
Tom’s Multi Video Channel
@DanTDM quick question When are you going to continue making Minecraft Smp videos Because I have got interested in those videos you have been doing because at the end of the last one it said to be continued. So I’m quite intrigued to know what is going to happen with I ballistic squid with the curse on the sword of kindness
Akaash Gill
Akaash Gill 16 päeva tagasi
Yeah me too because I’ve just got twitch and I don’t know what happend to kindness
Mega Amicus Simp Simping
Mega Amicus Simp Simping 18 päeva tagasi
Calico Ghosty
Calico Ghosty 19 päeva tagasi
I used to watch him when I was in elementary school... now I'm going to college next year....
Alli 19 päeva tagasi
AW YEAH LORE- I mean oh noo he's dead
Rock Leaf
Rock Leaf 19 päeva tagasi
Where is next shady oak
Greg Walters
Greg Walters 20 päeva tagasi
We need mor
Fiona Lazar
Fiona Lazar 20 päeva tagasi
Who have you let into the server? Let Harry in!!!
Big E Animates
Big E Animates 20 päeva tagasi
He hasn’t uploaded another one of these in over a month 😭
Hi oof
Hi oof 20 päeva tagasi
When will the next amp video come out
Ernesto wagwag
Ernesto wagwag 21 päev tagasi
Oh My God RolePlay!
Exolith 21 päev tagasi
Is this the last smp video.
Kuro 22 päeva tagasi
And dantdm pulled John wick mode
PuppyDog 22 päeva tagasi
where's part 2 Dan
Koh JH123
Koh JH123 22 päeva tagasi
remeber squid was making the robot voice? thats what he did same with the evil voice and the hand you know when dan go to the setting to change to his suit? squid did the same it was simple to figure it out as i watch all of them straight
Koh JH123
Koh JH123 22 päeva tagasi
plz continuo
Hi oof
Hi oof 22 päeva tagasi
Is there a story and lore in this smp
winuphePlayz 23 päeva tagasi
Dan, you should upload the streams (unedited) in your dantdm live channel for those who want to watch the streams, that or no longer available on twitch.
DOLF MEH 23 päeva tagasi
when is a new video coming soon
Ultimate Edition Wrestling
They should try to get Popularmmos on the server if they can
Ayang Studios :D
Ayang Studios :D 23 päeva tagasi
JŒJ JŒJQ 24 päeva tagasi
Killed Kills kilsssss
Frags Clan
Frags Clan 24 päeva tagasi
Squids voice has changed so much
Starry Eevee
Starry Eevee 25 päeva tagasi
im confused about the series cause idk which video is next
8-BIT The Nerd
8-BIT The Nerd 25 päeva tagasi
EEEninja 25 päeva tagasi
I hope they bring back this series :(
p u m p k o n
p u m p k o n 26 päeva tagasi
i just found out that the smp is named after the retierment home from up
Nickz Wolfz
Nickz Wolfz 26 päeva tagasi
this will be scrapped series
Kenneth Mitchum
Kenneth Mitchum 27 päeva tagasi
Where is stampy
JT Studios
JT Studios 28 päeva tagasi
To be continued when!!!!!!
MegaZYT 28 päeva tagasi
Me thinking: Talk to Ranboo
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 28 päeva tagasi
Please finish just shapes and beats
The Only Redwolf
The Only Redwolf 29 päeva tagasi
could we please get a kindness tik tok account? XD
Elise Owen
Elise Owen 29 päeva tagasi
AWA 919
AWA 919 29 päeva tagasi
ssundee we need him
Lenny sanisaca
Lenny sanisaca 29 päeva tagasi
Do more pls
Dragonz The King Of The End
Umm is there shady oaks SMP lore now
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