My Minecraft Hardcore Fail.. 

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Where did my Minecraft Hardcore series go?

Edited by: DanTDM



13 märts 2021



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Jacob Childs
Jacob Childs 10 tundi tagasi
you killed le chop any and all respect i had for you is now gone
Sethtech 2 päeva tagasi
I guess he thought that those where the enchantments you could have at once not all the enchantments you just can get on it?
ZPLAYZ 4 päeva tagasi
Dan this hurts my brain
Jose Aguilar Flores
Jose Aguilar Flores 4 päeva tagasi
Jose Aguilar Flores
Jose Aguilar Flores 4 päeva tagasi
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Daniel Gamboa
Daniel Gamboa 4 päeva tagasi
But DanTDM you don’t need glass just take off
Nikhil Sahay
Nikhil Sahay 5 päeva tagasi
This was the most painful hardcore episode ever 😩
Lucina Cabrera
Lucina Cabrera 7 päeva tagasi
Controller 9 päeva tagasi
Dan: 2+2=3, 3+3=4, 4+4=5! Me: ._.
JustBomb 10 päeva tagasi
Dan: Netherite Axe for main weapon, which can only have sharpness V Me: 'YOU CAN HAVE A SWORD WITH FIRE ASPECT II, LOOTING III, SHARPNESS V, AND SWEEPING EDGE III'
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 10 päeva tagasi
Can you please finish just shapes and beats
MARIA SAMUEL RAJA S 13 päeva tagasi
Molten 13 päeva tagasi
He spent all that time making it and still died after
WoofWoof🐶 14 päeva tagasi
_______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________ _________________________________________ ________________________________________ _______________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ ___________________________ __________________________ _________________________ ________________________ _______________________ ______________________ _____________________ ____________________ ___________________ __________________ _________________ ________________ _______________ ______________ _____________ ____________ ___________ __________ _________ ________ _______ ______ _____ ____ ___ __ _ I am finally done
WoofWoof🐶 14 päeva tagasi
Dan:**makes le chop naked** Me:noooooo what happened?! Wheres his clothes and his pretty name?! :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dan:th- **Ad pops up** Me:bro why are you disturbing me again? >:( Ad:😎 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dan:sorry buddy your useless to me. Villager:why am i here? Just to suffer.......
SIR Cable
SIR Cable 16 päeva tagasi
dan... your boomer is showing...
SIR Cable
SIR Cable 16 päeva tagasi
and then 2 plus 2...is 3 -DanTDM 2021
Ishaan Vijapur
Ishaan Vijapur 16 päeva tagasi
I loved the bridge he made in the start a lot
GAME Kaif 16 päeva tagasi
You can put fire spect onto it and looting
Hockey_Gamer_78 18 päeva tagasi
no 2+2=4
Avery gamerboy
Avery gamerboy 19 päeva tagasi
Finish the sentence: hey ev-
돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli
돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli 21 päev tagasi
I never expected Dan to be the one to say “2 + 2 = 3”
Amelia gormet
Amelia gormet 23 päeva tagasi
ReBasic Channle
ReBasic Channle 25 päeva tagasi
dan i didint see any other preveous videos are you in old hardcore?
Mc. Gamer123
Mc. Gamer123 27 päeva tagasi
School: 2+2=4 Minecraft: No, 2+2=3!
The Wooden Army
The Wooden Army 27 päeva tagasi
Dan: 2+2=3 The Maths Teachers: GET IN MY CLASSSS
DancingFire 3
DancingFire 3 27 päeva tagasi
Dan: 2+2=3 Everyone: Yes lol
Kara Unrau
Kara Unrau 28 päeva tagasi
Tracy’s Toys
Tracy’s Toys 28 päeva tagasi
This vid: I almost died Next vid: I died
Pooky Kooky
Pooky Kooky 29 päeva tagasi
Math with dan
Jose Coronado
Jose Coronado Місяць tagasi
Use a grind stone on the books that you don’t need
James Reichardt
James Reichardt Місяць tagasi
Me: Awwww man I cannot wait until Dan fights the warden Me after seeing Dan's title of his video of him dying DO NOT TALK TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
SuperAlexey Місяць tagasi
Alice Salerno
Alice Salerno Місяць tagasi
Dan 2019-2020: Hates Bane of Arthropods Dan 2021: Loves it
Dom Місяць tagasi
Dan being dum 2 + 2 = 3 ???
ImOld Місяць tagasi
2+2 = 3 is a minecraft math bruv
clockFox Gaming
clockFox Gaming Місяць tagasi
is it just me or was there a space in between "has" and "lied". dan? did u say something, or is my volume to low?
Just a normal Minecraft player
Just a normal Minecraft player Місяць tagasi
21:00 ahh the piglin of the desert
Just a normal Minecraft player
Just a normal Minecraft player Місяць tagasi
18:08 that lies tho
Anoushka De
Anoushka De Місяць tagasi
2+2=3, 3+3=4, 4+4=5 *MiNeCraFt LoIgIC*
Alex H.
Alex H. Місяць tagasi
You can only make it on optifine version, I added every enchantment including sharpness and fire aspect on a shield.
satyajith Місяць tagasi
Rip his hardcore world is no more
Sarah B
Sarah B Місяць tagasi
Sorry I’m having a bad day you don’t suk
Harry P
Harry P Місяць tagasi
To Dan’s knowledge: 4+4=5
Zander Brooks
Zander Brooks Місяць tagasi
Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that he said a swore at the end
Alona Vallinas
Alona Vallinas Місяць tagasi
Dan:I wish I had every villager for each enchantment Pewdiepie:been there done that
Mycario The Folf
Mycario The Folf Місяць tagasi
2+2 = 3 : 3+3=4
Cool Cat
Cool Cat Місяць tagasi
i already knew when he said smite V and sharp V can go together that this was a bad idea
Nabil the Beast
Nabil the Beast Місяць tagasi
Elon SUS
Elon SUS Місяць tagasi
Am i the only one who realized that dan said 2+2=3 3+3=4 4+4=5 17:14
mage350 Місяць tagasi
Mojang: did you do it? DanTDM: yes. Mojang: what did it cost? DanTDM: everything.
Leila Esterhuizen
Leila Esterhuizen Місяць tagasi
play Genshin Impact
fortnova _
fortnova _ Місяць tagasi
I have seen things in this video, Dan your memory really sucks.
Noah Arbizu
Noah Arbizu Місяць tagasi
Dan: for plus four equals five! Me: Sure, buddy...
HANNAH RAINBOW Місяць tagasi
Me mojang? Did you go to school 4+4=8 not 5 lol not being mean it is just funny to me awkward laugh from me quiet everywhere else walks out sad lol
XGplays Місяць tagasi
6:36 its not trash it makes a trident come back thats not trash
Sean Brogan
Sean Brogan Місяць tagasi
smite 5
Achi 77
Achi 77 Місяць tagasi
just think if a villiger was trading emeralds for ender perls!
SkinnyWise Місяць tagasi
he swore at the end its not a big deal cuz he cut it out. timestamp: 23:57 - 23:59 just saying
Yuan Kyle
Yuan Kyle Місяць tagasi
3:07 its still strong though...
Vicioussnake Місяць tagasi
The reaction at 16:49 was priceless 🤣🤣🤣
The_GoatBoi Місяць tagasi
says dan: 2+2=3, 3+3=4 and 4+4=5
Adventures_with_the_unknown Місяць tagasi
Did anyone notice when he was adding he said 3+3=4
LemonTemon Місяць tagasi
That’s because when you enchant instead of normal addition you add to the next number so protection 2 plus protection 2 would be protection 3 for example
Pondly Місяць tagasi
Play rec room
LemonTemon Місяць tagasi
He did 3 years ago
Darragh Mc Andrew
Darragh Mc Andrew Місяць tagasi
haha little did he know what was going to happen
Richard Melaniphy
Richard Melaniphy 2 місяці tagasi
7.36 2+2=3 great maths Dan
Dark Prince 2007
Dark Prince 2007 2 місяці tagasi
23:50: guys... I think Dan's gone insane
Dean Qevani
Dean Qevani 2 місяці tagasi
I was just staring at the glaze on the books and other weapons that you enchanted lol
Dævid 2 місяці tagasi
Did he really combine boa I to boa II to get boa II...
kaap0p 123
kaap0p 123 2 місяці tagasi
Yellow Crewmate
Yellow Crewmate 2 місяці tagasi
1+1=2. 2+2=3. 3+3=4. 4+4=5. And that's everything sorted
aditya nair
aditya nair 2 місяці tagasi
Plz try out genshin impact next
aditya nair
aditya nair 2 місяці tagasi
Plz play genshin impact next
WR 245G
WR 245G 2 місяці tagasi
DanTDM: "Quick maths, 3+3 = 4" Me: *yes*
Josh C
Josh C 2 місяці tagasi
Who else is here from his unfortunate end of the Minecraft world
Victor-Dimitrie H
Victor-Dimitrie H 2 місяці tagasi
Dan: I've tried to protect them every time: (iron golems) Me: May I remind you about how you get your iron sire?
KillerPotatoZ 2 місяці tagasi
Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful EEfromr! Hope you have a good day. :3
The Icy Bros Show
The Icy Bros Show 2 місяці tagasi
*The Rise and Fall of le chop*
Owen Keating
Owen Keating 2 місяці tagasi
Ye it was about to get so much better he died
21Jacob07 2 місяці tagasi
House tour
Jens Andre Amundsen
Jens Andre Amundsen 2 місяці tagasi
u died. for a long tima ago. sheater
Champion _
Champion _ 2 місяці tagasi
Him says now 2+2... =3 me 😵 it’s 4
Stickman 2 місяці tagasi
501stlegion Captain
501stlegion Captain 2 місяці tagasi
You can grined of the enchantments off the books
Anna Martikainen
Anna Martikainen 2 місяці tagasi
What does bane of artrhopods do
Patrick P.
Patrick P. 2 місяці tagasi
does more damage to spiders
TROPIC 2 місяці tagasi
I m after he dead in hardcore
Ethan Roberts Scott
Ethan Roberts Scott 2 місяці tagasi
Amanda Lay
Amanda Lay 2 місяці tagasi
Guys he didn’t die this episode.... but he failed miserably at making the axe of his dreams the way the thought it would go
Gorg 2 місяці tagasi
Who else is here after he died 👇
Gold Loot
Gold Loot 2 місяці tagasi
I guess only me
autistic spongebob
autistic spongebob 2 місяці tagasi
The Lucie And Landon SHOW
The Lucie And Landon SHOW 2 місяці tagasi
Dan: *starts making the best axe ever* Also Dan: If I combine these in the correct way I should be able to get the best pickaxe in the game Dan: I need to get a villager for each enchantment
THISCHANNELDIED 2 місяці tagasi
carlos sanchez
carlos sanchez 2 місяці tagasi
Well, To bad its all gone :(
Black flame
Black flame 2 місяці tagasi
2 + 2 = 3
a random human
a random human 2 місяці tagasi
Nobody saw what was coming next
yeah idk what to put here
yeah idk what to put here 2 місяці tagasi
Somebody put my name in the Guiness World Book Records cuz i just read the 1 millisecond long word without pausing or 0.25x speed it said "lies."
Sorry For Changeing My Name DAD D
Sorry For Changeing My Name DAD D 2 місяці tagasi
2+2=3 wow :o
[*] 2 місяці tagasi
2 + 2 = 3 👁👄👁
DasH Raven
DasH Raven 2 місяці tagasi
He hasn’t got he tried to put punch on it lol!!
nagateja chintha
nagateja chintha 2 місяці tagasi
it is warden it is a new hostile mob that is added in minecraft 1.17
yeet 2 місяці tagasi
9:12: when I pass a test without studying for it
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Fastest Soapbox Car Wins
Vaatamised 12 mln
"Холостяк": ФИНАЛ
The Fart Limit #shorts
Vaatamised 671 tuh