Minecraft, But Mining Ores is OP! 

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minecraft but mining ores is OP.

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Edited by: NoGoodDavis

This is a Minecraft (1.16.5) video. In this Minecraft video I'm not play regular Minecraft or Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunters, it's Minecraft, but mining ores is OP

Data pack by Awhikax : awhikax.com/



1 mai 2021



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Void Lion
Void Lion 16 tundi tagasi
Andrew McWaters
Andrew McWaters 20 tundi tagasi
5:08 yes netherite axe
Spade Loser
Spade Loser 2 päeva tagasi
Day 3 of trying to get Dan to play Omori
Vincent Sullivan
Vincent Sullivan 2 päeva tagasi
The piglin attacked you because you didn’t have gold armor
Katie 3 päeva tagasi
man tried to make a nethrite axe
ItzUrBoy James
ItzUrBoy James 3 päeva tagasi
Dan, the underwater stronghold is called an “Exposed Stronghold”
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Sandy Connolly
Sandy Connolly 4 päeva tagasi
Why did you make this video
Cooper Banks
Cooper Banks 4 päeva tagasi
Is anyone going to realize that danTDM played 40+ episodes of minecraft hardcore and tried to craft a netherite picaxe with ingots
ALIBA 4 päeva tagasi
Dan: using crafting table to craft a netherite axe “doesnt work” Me: USE A SMITHING TABLE!!
Alex 6 päeva tagasi
I use andacite
Tony Gomez
Tony Gomez 6 päeva tagasi
Did you see dan trying to craft a nethernite axe with a carfting table Lol 😂
FoldedTable 6 päeva tagasi
I once found a ravine that was FILLED with water. it spawned next to a river which was connected with an ocean
Martin Morgan
Martin Morgan 6 päeva tagasi
Did anyone notice he threw an egg while in a conversation
Noah 7 päeva tagasi
Dan and the boys killing the Ender Dragon -- with fly swatters
Katie Caple
Katie Caple 8 päeva tagasi
Do not call mark feely at 3 am he will come over and do thins to you
Tik Gvidzz
Tik Gvidzz 8 päeva tagasi
5:07 DanTDM really trying to make a netherite axe out of NETHERITE
John Geer Junior
John Geer Junior 8 päeva tagasi
Elytras before end equals star wars minecraft way more epic lol
Boba Milk
Boba Milk 8 päeva tagasi
Hey Dan! I dare you to try and find 2 enchanted golden apples in a ruined portal. It can be separate but it would be cool if you opened a ruined portal and got 2 enchanted golden apples in the same chest
Miquo Alexander Calma
Miquo Alexander Calma 8 päeva tagasi
sarah lessells
sarah lessells 8 päeva tagasi
Go to 5:8 😂😂😂
Idk 8 päeva tagasi
Can we just acknowledge that dan tried to make a netherite pik with in netherite ingots 5:05
Idk_667 9 päeva tagasi
No one gonna talk about the fact that Dan tried crafting a netherite axe?
Nouf Faisal
Nouf Faisal 9 päeva tagasi
stealing from wisp]
Gemma Crouch
Gemma Crouch 9 päeva tagasi
This video is so cool ;)
Fire Void
Fire Void 9 päeva tagasi
dream:makes a cobblestone crafting table dantdm:makes an andesite pickaxe XD
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 10 päeva tagasi
I want him to finish Just shapes and beats
Samuel Caloracan
Samuel Caloracan 11 päeva tagasi
Fox TheGalaxyGamer
Fox TheGalaxyGamer 11 päeva tagasi
Me: sees the thumbnail and title Also me: isn't that normal mc?
Golden Snyper
Golden Snyper 11 päeva tagasi
so does that mean diamonds are useless?
Fire & ice
Fire & ice 11 päeva tagasi
Who is the most subscribed to EEfrom channel Not pewdiepie
Rusty 11 päeva tagasi
My childhood back together again boys
Ayden’s Creations
Ayden’s Creations 12 päeva tagasi
To be honest your not going to read this comment but do a colab with Dream
Crystl 12 päeva tagasi
When dan tried to craft a netherite axe 😂😂😂
ZAN DOOO 11 päeva tagasi
Ducker McDuckson
Ducker McDuckson 12 päeva tagasi
5:08 that’s sad Dan, that’s sad
SupItsAmeen 12 päeva tagasi
Me: Returning viewer
JuicyIsTaken 12 päeva tagasi
So basically lucky blocks from the days
Shahlemon 13 päeva tagasi
Intro had a nice ring to it
Furious Nico
Furious Nico 13 päeva tagasi
5:09 dan was making a netherite axe with 3 netherite ingots lol
avinash nr
avinash nr 13 päeva tagasi
Plot twist:he stop speaking before the block broke
UnknownTzy Gaming
UnknownTzy Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
What did you say Dan? 0:01
Bloxy YT
Bloxy YT 13 päeva tagasi
Skipupidiapapapooo mine this ore and-... wait. Idk why that line was so hillarious I love it 😂
kamkhenthang tonsing
kamkhenthang tonsing 13 päeva tagasi
Been a long time Dantdm do u still remember Dr tryoras
Karma Wolf
Karma Wolf 13 päeva tagasi
Hey Dan! you don't know this but you saved a kid. Keep up the hard work ❤️.
Jojo Willess
Jojo Willess 13 päeva tagasi
Dan in the intro: funny beeped book fnf noises. Me: ah yes beep book side ap beep bo Edit: I know I spelt things wrong its just Auto correct
no_U 13 päeva tagasi
Big Dibrongus
Big Dibrongus 14 päeva tagasi
this is giving me mad OG dantdm vibes
Searph 14 päeva tagasi
DanTDM is using the of skin and Cape the nostalgia OMGGGG
Nyla 14 päeva tagasi
Minecraft, but you can only have a stone pickaxe and you have to wait to get either a diamond pickaxe or a iron pickaxe.
infinte_number 14 päeva tagasi
5:08 what are you doing
Jonathan isliko
Jonathan isliko 14 päeva tagasi
You know what im gonna call you sworetdm you alwayssworeeeeeeeeeeeeee
skulltrooper655 14 päeva tagasi
This reminds me of a bionic vid
Jeanie Ringgenb
Jeanie Ringgenb 14 päeva tagasi
Cancel the Diamond Minecart your channels are dead to me
Uxami Binana
Uxami Binana 14 päeva tagasi
H *
Parin Vora
Parin Vora 14 päeva tagasi
What people think when they find diamonds
Crystal 15 päeva tagasi
Every time My mom sees me watching Dan she says “it’s Dan!”
Kimberly Leager
Kimberly Leager 15 päeva tagasi
Brady McCosker
Brady McCosker 15 päeva tagasi
We had a stone crafting table from dream and now a netherite ingot axe from Dan 5:05
Zencraft 15 päeva tagasi
Dan 3 years ago: we are never ever ever going to the nether Dan now: alright let’s go the the nether
OHHHh YEAH 16 päeva tagasi
Alternative title : mine craft but it’s literally just creative mode
Hashim Alkooheji
Hashim Alkooheji 16 päeva tagasi
Dan 2021: Skipoppiriapapo mine this ore and Dan 2011/12 : we are never ever ever going to the nether/ my crafting recipes
cute anime
cute anime 16 päeva tagasi
dan is too old for this game 5:08
Slaition 16 päeva tagasi
S Logo T F 2
S Logo T F 2 16 päeva tagasi
Maricar Lagarile
Maricar Lagarile 16 päeva tagasi
Hey Dan Btw what happened to Dr Trayaurus and Grimm
beargreen1 16 päeva tagasi
That Baconz
That Baconz 16 päeva tagasi
R.I.P dantdms old EEfrom icon
Evan's Clubhouse
Evan's Clubhouse 17 päeva tagasi
Dan inspired me to dye my hair blue :D
Crafty 758
Crafty 758 17 päeva tagasi
this is basically regular minecraft since mining ores IS op in minecraft
Loop Kitty Cat
Loop Kitty Cat 17 päeva tagasi
They had op stuff and free elytra- but dream stills holds the record lol 😂
RosesAre Redxx
RosesAre Redxx 17 päeva tagasi
Hey DanTDM 😁 You are my favorite EEfromr since 2015. I just want to say that all your videos are awesome and you made my childhood better!!!! Your channel is Nostalgia not only to me but to everyone!! Thank you for having an amazing channel because without your channel, I wouldn't been that happy before. Thank you And I hope you see this DanTDM. God bless you and thank you for everything I appreciate everything!
jk 10 11 13 the gemer
jk 10 11 13 the gemer 17 päeva tagasi
If play this mod
Stacey Augustine
Stacey Augustine 17 päeva tagasi
dan is the best
Julien Lucas
Julien Lucas 17 päeva tagasi
Same intro as Wisp... were you inspired by him?
PredictableCookie 17 päeva tagasi
'i tried making a cobble pickaxe out of andesite' what has our world come to..
Cuber Coats
Cuber Coats 17 päeva tagasi
You should do a manhunt
Cuber Coats
Cuber Coats 17 päeva tagasi
U should do a manhaunt
Mario seen some M
Mario seen some M 18 päeva tagasi
we need more diamond minecart
Idiot_Demonサタン 18 päeva tagasi
Make a new survival world
iMinecraft 18 päeva tagasi
Hey EEfromr, I am a fan of your content. You are the reason why I wanted to start my own Minecraft channel. Keep up the good work!
Ximena David
Ximena David 18 päeva tagasi
Talha123 18 päeva tagasi
Joseph Price
Joseph Price 19 päeva tagasi
5:08 *Dan tries to make a netherite axe how you would make any other axe* DanTDM: *Confused*
eddboss 9
eddboss 9 19 päeva tagasi
nice vid dan!
Ana Gomez
Ana Gomez 19 päeva tagasi
I did nit know that I was watching tapl
Hybrid 704
Hybrid 704 19 päeva tagasi
do this but after a certain time yall battle with the loot
Spiral 19 päeva tagasi
Only the ogs know what the tdm in dantdm stands for
DieWithDiamonds Reboot
DieWithDiamonds Reboot 19 päeva tagasi
zaluchi 19 päeva tagasi
Remember me? we met in a roblox server
RODNEY ERVIN 19 päeva tagasi
When I make it to lava no dimond completely gold
RODNEY ERVIN 19 päeva tagasi
TheBestAbdullah1 19 päeva tagasi
Why 3d world music?
The Ender Legend
The Ender Legend 20 päeva tagasi
You got super mario 3d world music up in here
Heladio Contreras
Heladio Contreras 20 päeva tagasi
He tried making a netherite axe from plain way
Emma J
Emma J 20 päeva tagasi
Mello Cello
Mello Cello 20 päeva tagasi
the intro is priceless
Brady Merrithew
Brady Merrithew 20 päeva tagasi
You start the minecraft trend agien
duppy03 21 päev tagasi
Why are you using Mario music?
are you stupid Chapa
are you stupid Chapa 21 päev tagasi
I'm playing Minecraft bro
are you stupid Chapa
are you stupid Chapa 21 päev tagasi
Baby Jakey doggie Gaming channel
Yesterday was my birth day and i got chromebook\laptop\compture
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