Saying Goodbye to My Minecraft Hardcore World.. 

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i can't believe it. 1 and a half years.

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9 apr 2021



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Aero Eyre
Aero Eyre 58 minutit tagasi
can you try and join the Dream SMP?
Jen T
Jen T 2 tundi tagasi
Plo Serx
Plo Serx 3 tundi tagasi
Your happines got removed while mine to :(
vincent johnson
vincent johnson 3 tundi tagasi
Do a normal survival series
Melissa Anselmo
Melissa Anselmo 4 tundi tagasi
Im crying 3point
Melissa Anselmo
Melissa Anselmo 5 tundi tagasi
Im crying
Melissa Anselmo
Melissa Anselmo 5 tundi tagasi
Its so sad when u say goodbye too youre minecraft world and never come back it make me cry
Tee Hooi Nee
Tee Hooi Nee 5 tundi tagasi
I am so going to cry after I watched the last episode
Anne Amin
Anne Amin 10 tundi tagasi
Xx game Vlogs
Xx game Vlogs 15 tundi tagasi
I have level 71 wu kong and he is an elite
Sandwich 18 tundi tagasi
top 10 saddest anime moments
scott hoxie
scott hoxie 20 tundi tagasi
Dylan TSIRONIS 22 tundi tagasi
Your game didn’t distroy
Fares Khaled
Fares Khaled 23 tundi tagasi
/gamemode 0
Joanna Granlund
Joanna Granlund Päev tagasi
Try to go to settings and open too lan and then allow cheats on and start lan world then /gamemode survival
Nick goodlett
Nick goodlett Päev tagasi
Nick goodlett
Nick goodlett Päev tagasi
Noooooooooooooooooooo! 😭
Wian Jordaan
Wian Jordaan Päev tagasi
Go in survivel
Gojira Päev tagasi
That's sad
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed Päev tagasi
You should blow up the place with TNT no one is gonna use it so yeah blow it up
Rashida Chitalwala
Rashida Chitalwala Päev tagasi
:( I am SAD
Michelle Fitzpatrick
Peter Blundell
Peter Blundell Päev tagasi
The vexs spawned because you hit the evoker but didnt kill it which made it attack you
Makura EASON
Makura EASON Päev tagasi
Dab aye
Dab aye Päev tagasi
In an alternate universe Dan killed the evoker then the witch and survived and finally did everything in minecraft including making another planet (probably)
Vaughan Alessi
Vaughan Alessi Päev tagasi
Please do a new hardcore wold
Hector Narvaez
Hector Narvaez Päev tagasi
A whole big Tunk is empty in my body😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Hector Narvaez
Hector Narvaez Päev tagasi
Hector Narvaez
Hector Narvaez Päev tagasi
I wish that made another hard series
Hector Narvaez
Hector Narvaez Päev tagasi
Hector Narvaez
Hector Narvaez Päev tagasi
I wish lesbian made another hardcore series
Hector Narvaez
Hector Narvaez Päev tagasi
It is really sad that DanTDM hardcore world
Bene Amber
Bene Amber Päev tagasi
i think he can go to survival
Cecilia Silva
Cecilia Silva Päev tagasi
DanTDM, Just Type /gamemode survival, And You Are Back at Minecraft Hardcore!!!!!
Echo's Execute
Echo's Execute 2 päeva tagasi
Edwin Ware
Edwin Ware 2 päeva tagasi
sheilds work against the vex so its sad he didnt have one at that time
Sam Ware
Sam Ware 2 päeva tagasi
Nazli Mottalebi
Nazli Mottalebi 2 päeva tagasi
His last words were “I went too close! Noooo!! His words after death “what will I do now….”
Quality 2 päeva tagasi
Lol i love how he introduces the video's sponsor at the beginning
Hortencia Ramirez
Hortencia Ramirez 2 päeva tagasi
He died because then black cat gave him bad luck
Vineet Katti
Vineet Katti 2 päeva tagasi
"The Baby Yeeter"
enderboi 2 päeva tagasi
was the death of TDM live in hardcore -.-
Kyle Guevarra
Kyle Guevarra 2 päeva tagasi
I know what you feel so sad😭😭😭😭😭😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
GD EmeraldKing640
GD EmeraldKing640 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh u should of used a sheild instead of a totem but so sad my cousin called u dumb
GD EmeraldKing640
GD EmeraldKing640 2 päeva tagasi
So don’t blame me he told me to write it
Sethtech 2 päeva tagasi
I’m still waiting for the reboot. Don’t worry I can wait!
HellishBro Among Us
HellishBro Among Us 2 päeva tagasi
/gamemode survival
Ldub 3 päeva tagasi
Dan: Is my Minecraft okay? Me: That’s happened to me before.
Christopher green
Christopher green 3 päeva tagasi
do / gamemode survival
Infiite Life
Infiite Life 3 päeva tagasi
You made me cry.):
Cecilia Silva
Cecilia Silva 3 päeva tagasi
BUT I'm Sorry u Lost Minecraft Hardcore. :(
Cecilia Silva
Cecilia Silva 3 päeva tagasi
You Can Just Get To Survival Again
Cecilia Silva
Cecilia Silva 3 päeva tagasi
Aren't u in Creative?
Sohaan Mirza Ali Baig
Sohaan Mirza Ali Baig 3 päeva tagasi
rippppp :(
Manual reader. Exe
Manual reader. Exe 3 päeva tagasi
Nightmare 3 päeva tagasi
DanTDM A minecraft hardcore player that survived the most dangerouse farm, But died trying to get invincible
Andy Liu
Andy Liu 3 päeva tagasi
SNAKE KILLER 3 päeva tagasi
ThinkingBacon 3 päeva tagasi
1/10 is only reminding this
chandler patton
chandler patton 3 päeva tagasi
Can you make a 2nd one please I liked the hardcore videos please?
chandler patton
chandler patton 3 päeva tagasi
Number 1 rule of hardcore: don't work on anything hard.
ImfamausBrxh 4 päeva tagasi
G Money
G Money 4 päeva tagasi
RIP... such a good series
JAFET NAOE 4 päeva tagasi
:( no no no no :( :( I loved the series
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Andrei Generoso
Andrei Generoso 4 päeva tagasi
"If you try to become Immortal it will only End with Death" Some Random Non
Blair 99
Blair 99 4 päeva tagasi
MinecraftZGaming 4 päeva tagasi
this world was my life and now im going to commit the die :Sunglasses:
confused poly
confused poly 4 päeva tagasi
Do the cheat thing
Daniel Civitello
Daniel Civitello 4 päeva tagasi
R I p his minecraft world
Olaf Allison
Olaf Allison 4 päeva tagasi
*sighs* if only you know the slash command.....but farewell unto you dear hardcore world you will be missed
VI Nguyen
VI Nguyen 4 päeva tagasi
You published this exactly on my birthday day
King Kiato
King Kiato 4 päeva tagasi
wow its really gone i-
Alfie Dickinson
Alfie Dickinson 4 päeva tagasi
Dan:sorry I died Me:I forgive you Dan
llamapjamaa 5 päeva tagasi
7:01 5 year old me when a booger comes out of my nose
Maciej Zajaczkowski
Maciej Zajaczkowski 5 päeva tagasi
If you attack an evoker it will summon vexes - this is how it happened
Jordan Hernandez
Jordan Hernandez 5 päeva tagasi
Yuan Kyle
Yuan Kyle 5 päeva tagasi
4:01 ????
The Ghost type Greninja
The Ghost type Greninja 5 päeva tagasi
Oh dang you have a sponsor!
Louis Da MAN
Louis Da MAN 5 päeva tagasi
Trash Cans
Trash Cans 5 päeva tagasi
Please try /gamemode survival
Vil Playz
Vil Playz 5 päeva tagasi
Ik this is 2 month ago but dan ur mistake was not putting on ur chestplate cause u could have put ur elytra on after the raid is done
Zo Thangi
Zo Thangi 5 päeva tagasi
R.i.p world :(
Carly T
Carly T 5 päeva tagasi
Rip hard core world
Alli Williams
Alli Williams 5 päeva tagasi
x_x no more hardcore!!!
Lurey squad 123 Kerby
Lurey squad 123 Kerby 5 päeva tagasi
u could just set ur gamemods to survival
Pancake Lover
Pancake Lover 5 päeva tagasi
This channel has grew so high i stayed for a a long time i have binged watch every vid thanks dan
dylan jones
dylan jones 5 päeva tagasi
why didn't he just co creative then survival?
GraysGamez 6 päeva tagasi
F to pay respec
Kristen Wischki
Kristen Wischki 6 päeva tagasi
If you got in creative you can get in survival
Jacob Vincent élève
Jacob Vincent élève 6 päeva tagasi
Make a now one
Ariyan Sarkar
Ariyan Sarkar 6 päeva tagasi
by bye world R.I.P :(
Benjamin Zhang
Benjamin Zhang 6 päeva tagasi
luka5770 luka5770
luka5770 luka5770 6 päeva tagasi
waht about the moded one
Ty Koehler
Ty Koehler 6 päeva tagasi
Make ultra hardcore vids
Vikramaditya Mankineni
Vikramaditya Mankineni 6 päeva tagasi
cristalyn ablaza
cristalyn ablaza 6 päeva tagasi
U can cheat on open lan
Biking PROS
Biking PROS 6 päeva tagasi
RAID STAR 6 päeva tagasi
Make a new one already pls
Robert Pranger
Robert Pranger 6 päeva tagasi
I'm crying 😭
Echo's Execute
Echo's Execute 6 päeva tagasi
What is the seed, Mr. Middleton?
Logan Kalbes
Logan Kalbes 7 päeva tagasi
F's in the chat am i right seriously
GOGGY GAMING 7 päeva tagasi
I have no idea who I am
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