I Ranked EVERY Minecraft Biome.. (Tier List) 

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minecraft but it's a biome tier list

Edited by: Connnor01

This isn't a Minecraft (1.16.5) video. it's a Minecraft Tier List video.

Tier List: tiermaker.com/create/minecraf...



29 apr 2021



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Kloxor 2 tundi tagasi
Dan is the best at these tier list videos
jan Price
jan Price 4 tundi tagasi
Dan:puts mushroom biome in f in title :also dan:ranks it in the best tier
Dwolf HJ
Dwolf HJ 4 tundi tagasi
Dan thats yellow
Susan Stewart
Susan Stewart 12 tundi tagasi
Wait EEfrom
radsonusa pc
radsonusa pc Päev tagasi
the red one is crimson
Anne Amin
Anne Amin Päev tagasi
I love the mushroom biom
SOMETHING Päev tagasi
I mean, without the Soul Sand Valley biome, you wouldn't have soul speed boots or water elevators :\
Stefan D
Stefan D Päev tagasi
Me don’t have WiFi anymore ;(((((
Krystal Belhumeur
Krystal Belhumeur Päev tagasi
You're evil Dan
Spade Loser
Spade Loser 2 päeva tagasi
Day 2 of trying to get Dan to play Omori
Filthy Director
Filthy Director 2 päeva tagasi
Dan: hates the basalt deltas for almost getting him killed Me who knows it was the journey there that almost killed him, not the biome itself (it’s also my favorite nether biome lol)
HARITH GAMING 911 2 päeva tagasi
birch forest its the rarest biome
K1RBY_! 2 päeva tagasi
Me and Dan have the same brain cell when it comes to biomes
Azmal Khan
Azmal Khan 2 päeva tagasi
Me: Look a Warped forest Dan: **BLUE NETHER BIOME INTENSIFIES**
The Fence Post Show
The Fence Post Show 2 päeva tagasi
You should do a tier list of every or at least most Minecraft items. :)
awhhalei 2 päeva tagasi
dan* and this is orange **cutely clicks on yellow**
Lesego animations Malatji
In this world there's a some village is pretty rad fine but a few days ago I mean a few months ago I actually found a swamp village
Mewdi EPIC
Mewdi EPIC 3 päeva tagasi
Can you do a tier list of every Minecraft food also cake slices and full cake count same with glow berries
Kassie Bartow
Kassie Bartow 3 päeva tagasi
Shulkers are a pain in the butt.
THE ECHOING DARK 3 päeva tagasi
more dimend in swamp
dexVlogs99 3 päeva tagasi
Why do you hate the basalt Delta?
AWGYT 3 päeva tagasi
0:53 colorblind
Hunter Stewart
Hunter Stewart 3 päeva tagasi
Knight2000 Kitt
Knight2000 Kitt 3 päeva tagasi
0:53 dan: "and this is gonna be orange" *clicks on yellow*
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ 3 päeva tagasi
He did the desert dirty
Ez Qweezy
Ez Qweezy 3 päeva tagasi
Sw1fty Cooki3
Sw1fty Cooki3 4 päeva tagasi
I can't believe you did that to my boy jungle
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Pixel Shadows
Pixel Shadows 4 päeva tagasi
Dan: this is red nether biom Me: the is already red lol 😂
TalkyBubbles 4 päeva tagasi
Great video thank you for entertaining me and others over lockdown
Anxllty 4 päeva tagasi
don’t say you haven’t played minecraft, i remember when you did dr. traysauras
Samokai 4 päeva tagasi
"If you don't know the biomes, then your bad at Minecraft." Also Dan, "What is this biome?"
The daily Doge
The daily Doge 4 päeva tagasi
When was it called badlands? Can it go back to Mesa biome? Edit: know what just call it that sand falls on me and now rust is in the sand which is why sand is red.
thearsh007 5 päeva tagasi
soul sand vally was right
Carter White
Carter White 5 päeva tagasi
The rarest biome is modified jungle edge
Kaelan Dullemond
Kaelan Dullemond 5 päeva tagasi
dan: and this in gonna be orange also dan: *picks yellow*
Max Khoo
Max Khoo 5 päeva tagasi
My main world spawned me in a plains biome near a mountain biome
Gracie_ Crazy
Gracie_ Crazy 5 päeva tagasi
And the sun flower if you put it in the nether it will point to a nether fortress
Amanda Reeves
Amanda Reeves 5 päeva tagasi
I'm scared for you, dan. You're getting even older than you look
Whitney Hammond
Whitney Hammond 5 päeva tagasi
Ww NEED the mod show case series back
Addison Stapleton
Addison Stapleton 5 päeva tagasi
Dan : “imma make this one green and this one *orange*” Also Dan: **SELECTS YELLOW** All the artists and normal people: **visual disgust** Dan: “AM I OLD?” The Minecraft community: “no it is the mess and will stay that way no matter what mojang says.”
Flabbergas Gaming
Flabbergas Gaming 5 päeva tagasi
The app did it
Flabbergas Gaming
Flabbergas Gaming 5 päeva tagasi
I wish I knew how to take a picture And comment
Golden retriever 777
Golden retriever 777 5 päeva tagasi
Barley&Leon Lover
Barley&Leon Lover 5 päeva tagasi
"if you can't name the biome ur a noob" Dan: dis is smol bran tim
Emil Björklund
Emil Björklund 5 päeva tagasi
12:12 one is tall tiaga one is tiaga
Emerson Vanhorn
Emerson Vanhorn 6 päeva tagasi
The “red nether biome” Is a Crimson forest. “blue nether biome” is a Warped forest.
Marissa Koch
Marissa Koch 6 päeva tagasi
What about Forrest boom it should be king cause it has the huge tree houses
NarwhalHD 6 päeva tagasi
The Mooshroom Island Or Mushroom Fields Are NOT The Rarest Biome A Modified Jungle Edge Is A 1 in 81,000?
The Herbert fam
The Herbert fam 6 päeva tagasi
marianne watson
marianne watson 7 päeva tagasi
Dan has a Minecraft arm and to me it's really 😎
Charlew Gamer
Charlew Gamer 7 päeva tagasi
Im probs stupid but why does Dan hate the bastions
Romark Madness
Romark Madness 7 päeva tagasi
Mistakes dan made: End city as a biome - it meant the end islands The nether as a biome - its nether wastes not the whole nether Doesnt know difference between forest and birch forest Doesnt know difference between taiga and tundra
FOXY 7 päeva tagasi
9:30 you are not alone
Herobrine_Playz 7 päeva tagasi
"Am I old?!" -DanTDM 2021
Lostous Gd
Lostous Gd 7 päeva tagasi
I honestly thought the Ron gone wrong ad was showing real robots
SilencePlayz 7 päeva tagasi
Dan... what are you doing...? You didn’t even know the name of sunflower plains... I’m sorry but bye dan. We had fun. It’s my time now though. Me: *Watches him promoting mushroom biome* Also me: >:(
Cheryl Willding
Cheryl Willding 7 päeva tagasi
OMG he forgot to say in jungles you can find osalots
Super Ice G
Super Ice G 7 päeva tagasi
One was the regular Taiga, the other was the Giant Tree Taiga
the roblox and minecraft boss levis
Theres acctualy 1 more biome its called the nodified jungle edgr
Qubed 7 päeva tagasi
Acacia should be deleted
Arn Ze Barn
Arn Ze Barn 7 päeva tagasi
AND The NICE Mushroom biom?!
Arn Ze Barn
Arn Ze Barn 7 päeva tagasi
Arn Ze Barn
Arn Ze Barn 7 päeva tagasi
😠REALLY You’d DELETE a SPECIAL Nether boom?!
Aden _Ninja
Aden _Ninja 7 päeva tagasi
It’s a different tiga biom dan
masshu masshu
masshu masshu 8 päeva tagasi
Sunflower field
Palyn Joy Koehn
Palyn Joy Koehn 8 päeva tagasi
Tiga & Dark oak are 2 different things!
Jennifer Shalhoup
Jennifer Shalhoup 8 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Dan and basalt delta: *YEET*
Demaisher 8 päeva tagasi
Dan how could you not know about clay positioning in swamps
bendy fan 0713 ink machine
It's a monday
Melissa Cate
Melissa Cate 9 päeva tagasi
You are bad at naming them
JRD718 9 päeva tagasi
Somebody needs to make a mod for the sunflower dimension.
Spring Bonnie
Spring Bonnie 9 päeva tagasi
I would not delete the Basalt Deltas biome because it is a good way for me to get black stone. In fact, I would rank the Basalt Deltas biome an A or an S for me, because it is a really useful biome for me.
Georgegamez 9 päeva tagasi
Your name is Daniel
Cora Riggle
Cora Riggle 9 päeva tagasi
Dan: this is going to be orange Also him *clicks on yellow*
Nolan Walsh
Nolan Walsh 9 päeva tagasi
Extreme hills are REALLY good. Just because you can find emerald ore there!!
I love acacia Wood too
NightFlameGamez 10 päeva tagasi
Next u should do items Edit: and blocks
Kizmo-ix基茲莫 10 päeva tagasi
Guess what my minecraft is never updated sooooo I can't play 2 player anymore and I get scared
FOOLISH BUILDER 10 päeva tagasi
Dan : Have i played Minecraft? Also Dan : "Played Minecraft Hardcore for 2 or 3 years
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 10 päeva tagasi
Can you please finish just shapes and beats
Vital Vision
Vital Vision 10 päeva tagasi
Knew you were going to talk about the Lab
ODWAYNE BLAKE 10 päeva tagasi
Xkha99 Assassin
Xkha99 Assassin 11 päeva tagasi
Suflwer fidls
Miss Unknown
Miss Unknown 11 päeva tagasi
Mega taiga Biome,taiga biome,dark oak forest,birch hills?
Iffah Marsya
Iffah Marsya 11 päeva tagasi
Cookiiexcrumbs 11 päeva tagasi
Dan: ok imma click orange Also dan: *clicks yellow* Me:🤔🤔🤔🤔 I think he got it wrong
•Itz_diana• 12 päeva tagasi
And this is gonna be *orange* 0:54
• s a m y b a b y g i r l •
Dan: sunflower vally? Me:yep
Megan Tiede
Megan Tiede 12 päeva tagasi
When is it called '''the badlands'' I grew up with it called'''the masa'' and I'm 10 `:\ am I a boomer child? :()
Rebecca Tadlock
Rebecca Tadlock 12 päeva tagasi
My dad: lets save the princess in end city Me:have you even played Minecraft Dan:doesn’t now the biomes have i even played Minecraft I can’t even remember the difference between a jungle and a forest You did good
Hida and Family
Hida and Family 12 päeva tagasi
How do you not know roofed forest ,birch forest, and normal forest how
Elemental Reactor
Elemental Reactor 12 päeva tagasi
Dan : has been playing minecraft since 2012 and still doesn't know the name of the minecraft biomes. meanwhile me getting triggered because I know all the names of the minecraft biomes without even having minecraft.
Renae Springer
Renae Springer 12 päeva tagasi
Dan: orange. Me: THATS YELLOW I think
xXVeltelXx 12 päeva tagasi
DanTDM: Whoever put basalt biome on f let me buy you a house, or a car. Mabey not. MrBeast: Thats what I thought...
Bacon hair Ollie
Bacon hair Ollie 12 päeva tagasi
Dan:This whould be orange Clearly clicks yellow
Lisa Cuzzort
Lisa Cuzzort 13 päeva tagasi
Desert "very nice", litterlly been living there for 700 minecraft days!
Eevay . YT
Eevay . YT 13 päeva tagasi
Dan: Puts desert in very nice Me who thought he was gonna put it in king of minecraft lands: *And I took that personally*
Sangita Pal
Sangita Pal 13 päeva tagasi
He say dark oak forest mushroom biome 😮
linderland 13 päeva tagasi
Didn't know there so many biomes
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