I AM SHOCKED!! (Little Nightmares II Full Game ENDING) 

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20 veebr 2021



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Elijiro Kirishima
Elijiro Kirishima 4 tundi tagasi
Dan: Never grab the foot Me: YEA!! YA HEAR THAT DAD?? My dad: GID HELP ME PLEASE, tickling is not the same as grabbing
Nancy Berlind
Nancy Berlind 23 tundi tagasi
I'm so confused Is six bad or good Is it in past,future,present or loop What was the purpose of six dropping mono Was six never on mono side and trying to find way to warn him in back, or never on his side, or payback for breaking music box Also is mono good or bad
Stefan Oncika
Stefan Oncika Päev tagasi
Stacey H
Stacey H 2 päeva tagasi
So THATs what happend to mono
Ğĺīțçhbøī 2 päeva tagasi
8:58 nobody me at 3 am:
Finley D Xu徐梓富
Finley D Xu徐梓富 2 päeva tagasi
Six not betrayed mono on purpose
Finley D Xu徐梓富
Finley D Xu徐梓富 2 päeva tagasi
Its because six have a hunger issues.its not normal , so if she not drop mono ,six will eat him
Xyggy Nicholai Rutaquio
Xyggy Nicholai Rutaquio 3 päeva tagasi
My theory is that mono is the thin man and tried to kill his past self to break the loop
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem 3 päeva tagasi
Froggie 3 päeva tagasi
Tammy Lawrence
Tammy Lawrence 4 päeva tagasi
Past game was only Six humming now its both
Six 4 päeva tagasi
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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Taylor Parker
Taylor Parker 4 päeva tagasi
If Mono never took his hat off Six would never have dropped him also :) because Six you can see that Six glances at Mono before dropping him. Since Monos hat is off. Six saw that Mono was the Thin Man.
Taylor Parker
Taylor Parker 4 päeva tagasi
Also Mono is confirmed to be stuck in a dream loop not a time loop so Mono sits there trapped in the black tower waiting for somebody to free him.
SYNAPSE X 5 päeva tagasi
and did anyone else feel a weird feeling in the heart after watching the ending?
Sethsgaming 6 päeva tagasi
If you watch little nightmares 1 you will see that the hanging man is in fact mono 😶
MildJosh 8 päeva tagasi
Oh look the foot I’m going to to grab it
Lisa Castillo
Lisa Castillo 8 päeva tagasi
I think dark six is gonna be in little nightmares 2.
Mr.Sleepsy002 10 päeva tagasi
1:55 I know that music anywhere It's Six's music box!
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 10 päeva tagasi
Can you please finish just shapes and beats
James Linares
James Linares 11 päeva tagasi
He is not evil he just wants revenge
end of the hall
end of the hall 11 päeva tagasi
six made us evil
Gary Owen
Gary Owen 12 päeva tagasi
If you collect all of the glicht children before you beat the game then you’ll get a glicht six.
Charlew Gamer
Charlew Gamer 13 päeva tagasi
Wonda Secula
Wonda Secula 13 päeva tagasi
I watched the entire let’s play just for me to click the last video and see a massive spoiler.
Kyle Lam
Kyle Lam 14 päeva tagasi
Six is a girl.
freddy's 123
freddy's 123 5 päeva tagasi
We know
Eggshells_egg 14 päeva tagasi
I have a theory, the reason only six got kidnapped was because six leads people to there death mono just happened to be there the tall guy is a kid that six led to there death thats why its a loop so summing it up six is the monster and always has been.
Ellie Birch
Ellie Birch 14 päeva tagasi
Game: Most crazy ending ever Dan: ✨*Hats*✨
Neel Nishantha
Neel Nishantha 14 päeva tagasi
I hate that six the punk
Sassy Snail
Sassy Snail 14 päeva tagasi
Imagine a 3rd part comes out 😂
Abigale Massengill
Abigale Massengill 15 päeva tagasi
The ending NOOO
CubeMind 15 päeva tagasi
Dan: Isn't crazy how powerful a game can be with no words? Mono: HEY
Justin dek Lising
Justin dek Lising 15 päeva tagasi
Your Dan on tv player select
Vortex Anims
Vortex Anims 15 päeva tagasi
i started watching dan when he still had the old lab i stopped watchin and i regreted that i stopped watching thank you for my childhood dan
Emmy Belanger
Emmy Belanger 15 päeva tagasi
... did he call six a BOY!!!! (SIX IS A GIRL SIR- >:(
Tommy Charlie
Tommy Charlie 16 päeva tagasi
Rip mono
goulz 16 päeva tagasi
Play fortnite again seasen 6 is fun
freddy's 123
freddy's 123 5 päeva tagasi
Bodie Gaming
Bodie Gaming 18 päeva tagasi
I think that the tall man wants to control everyone so he makes the signal tower and the TV's to control the TV people and he makes the TV every place that mono goes so that when he goes through the corridor he is aware of the man and he leads mono into his trap witch is he kidnaps six and then he makes mono go try and save six but by the time he gets there six is already being controlled and the music is how the tall man leads mono to six then mono breaks the music box and the tall man makes six go and hurt mono and she screams because she doesn't want to but she has no choice.
Challenge King
Challenge King 18 päeva tagasi
The thin man he sort of hero/villain I mean I think it’s him trying to save his past self from six betrayal so he doesn’t have a tragic backstory but that’s not how the game works just a theory
Abacon army by hacking bon bon gilrs
the big one is six
Adam Ellison
Adam Ellison 18 päeva tagasi
If six didn’t drop mono she would have eaten him
tye 14 päeva tagasi
no, this game is a prequel.
Spook 15 päeva tagasi
That's not true actually
Maker111 18 päeva tagasi
Six is he's childhood
XG - 05WH 814240 Osprey Woods PS
what!? b-b-b-b-but s-s-s-s-s-s-six a-a-a-and i-i-i-i i dont even know what to say anymore
Gavin Ou
Gavin Ou 19 päeva tagasi
How could you six 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gavin Ou
Gavin Ou 19 päeva tagasi
Okay it makes sense now
Calvin Sadueste
Calvin Sadueste 20 päeva tagasi
POV:your six and u have 2 options 1 is drop mono but u know mono will be alive option 2 is u saved mono but mono dies bc u have eaten mono
Goatlover 21 päev tagasi
It’s a very serious moment Dan: I’m not sure how we’re eating
Ringo 21 päev tagasi
the fact that he said yolo 🤟🏻 9:01
Ace De leon
Ace De leon 22 päeva tagasi
Darn this video has 666 dislike XD
Borb 22 päeva tagasi
“Don’t simp.” - socks for 1
PolishAngel756 22 päeva tagasi
The Title: I am shocked, relates to the last video because of the water being electrified in the last video; just something I noticed that is random. :0
florielle 22 päeva tagasi
I think I have a theory. I think Thin Man was trying to save himself (Mono) from Six, Thin Man only kidnapped Six because of this, and he tried stopping Mono from going with Six. OR, another theory is, Thin Man (Mono) truly is evil, and Six dropped him to save everyone, except in this situation it would become a loop.
Bobby Potatochip
Bobby Potatochip 23 päeva tagasi
I thought the teacher's screams were bad. six what happened? :(
ImTheLolbit Lol / LeighaD521
At the end Mono didn't have his hat on so Six know who Mono was.. The thin tall man. Thats why Six droped Mono.
Shujuan Li
Shujuan Li 24 päeva tagasi
The thin man
LilMinion Bob
LilMinion Bob 25 päeva tagasi
What a betrayer
wassup Dude
wassup Dude 25 päeva tagasi
23:45 "Where did Six go?". The Maw, duh. This is obviously the previos part of Little nightmare 1
Emilio Loza
Emilio Loza 26 päeva tagasi
Dantdm this might be why 6 betrayed mono
FORTNITERS OF DC 27 päeva tagasi
Dan: shocked by the betrayal Me: checking if Dan’s face was the same face in the thumbnail
urban YT
urban YT 28 päeva tagasi
follow the music on those doors it will lead to six
Moosa AlAbri
Moosa AlAbri 29 päeva tagasi
The tall man is not evil he was trying to save mono from going into the eternal loop and getting imprisoned in the tower. Six was the evil one all along because she is the lady in the Maw. If Mono didn't catch the soul of the tall man he would have escaped and the fat people would have never become fat and died. By the way the chef's were chopping human flesh from the fat people. In the of the game the betrayal happened because six was hungry and when ever she's hungry her evil side controls her if she had eaten something before that mono would have never become the tall man.
Shane Roppel
Shane Roppel 29 päeva tagasi
Maggie: yes dan, don’t touch someone’s foot! 🤣🤣
iplaystuff 29 päeva tagasi
Dan at2:56: saying he missed out on 50% of the hats Me : with only 1 hat about to finish the game. 😐
Jeri Florenze Fijer
Jeri Florenze Fijer Місяць tagasi
Dantdm: six dont drop me Six: i now the future dan but im sorry i will DROP YOU😈
ZY’S WRLD Місяць tagasi
mono have any one watch school
Tracy Donaldson
Tracy Donaldson Місяць tagasi
Come on Dan you can do this
The GamingWolf
The GamingWolf Місяць tagasi
dan hes not called the tall man hes called the thin man watch the gaming beaver :)
The GamingWolf
The GamingWolf Місяць tagasi
how hes convinced hes done it, big twist
The GamingWolf
The GamingWolf Місяць tagasi
use those biceps
Ba Kut Teh
Ba Kut Teh Місяць tagasi
I am sad because Dan will never come back to Terraria. Terraria is a great game.
BlizzardCG Місяць tagasi
If I tricked you tell me Read more....
BlizzardCG Місяць tagasi
Did I trick you?
rungrat chanthong
rungrat chanthong Місяць tagasi
hi i am andew my brother name is addy we think you should play case animaTRONIC!q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rotten Netherite
Rotten Netherite Місяць tagasi
Rewatched the series 7 times. And I'm gonna do it again baby.
Jah Jah
Jah Jah Місяць tagasi
And thin lady.
Gabrielle Babin
Gabrielle Babin Місяць tagasi
Dan: Ugh look at that stinky foot! Six: Dude what am I supposed to do there is absolutely no spa arung here???
Gabrielle Babin
Gabrielle Babin Місяць tagasi
M-inaz P-ates
M-inaz P-ates Місяць tagasi
😔 sad😭
M-inaz P-ates
M-inaz P-ates Місяць tagasi
Noooo mono
Jason Zeng
Jason Zeng Місяць tagasi
Bianca Francineelisangela
Bianca Francineelisangela Місяць tagasi
For Dan: Six is not the hero actually, the tall man was trying to save Mono from Six because he knows Mono's future
Skully Місяць tagasi
This a theory I have: when mono finds six in the beginning, she is trapped, terrified, and clinging to her music box. Six let’s mono fall into the abyss in the end of the game, creating the thin man, who has grown up alone and angry-seeking revenge against the girl who has sealed him to his fate. When the thin man finally captures six, he bans her to a nightmare as punishment... A nightmare in which she is trapped, terrified, and clinging to her music box...Exactly how he found her in the beginning of the game. Point being, the thin man knew exactly in what situation Six would feel the most scared and vulnerable, and he used this against her in order to exact his revenge!😱
he he
he he Місяць tagasi
eye monster from resident evil 7 but in this game
Derek Moehlenbruck
Derek Moehlenbruck Місяць tagasi
Derek Moehlenbruck
Derek Moehlenbruck Місяць tagasi
Derek Moehlenbruck
Derek Moehlenbruck Місяць tagasi
You have the best video
Donald Місяць tagasi
Top Ten Anime Betrayals
jarmaine john mendoza
jarmaine john mendoza Місяць tagasi
I got scared when I saw six
Ender Fox
Ender Fox Місяць tagasi
Joanne Tull
Joanne Tull Місяць tagasi
I wish I never liked six 😡 I'm so mad
J Місяць tagasi
mono got depressed because of six and monos future self was trying to save himself
FranzeSFM Місяць tagasi
You misunderstood, Mono is the Thin Man, you already know that, He captured Six, and tries to catch Mono to separate them, to change the future, and the betrayal will never happen.
Victor Centeno
Victor Centeno Місяць tagasi
LOL 11:34
Choco Marshmallowz
Choco Marshmallowz Місяць tagasi
The betrayal reminded me of Rachel betraying Bam in Tower of God after Bam did everything he could to protect her and take her to the tower which she wanted, then Rachel pushed him off so she could take the tower to herself
Cookie Montae
Cookie Montae Місяць tagasi
Six is not the hero. Six caused mono to turn into thin man. The reason why six dropped mono is because six saw that mono and thin man was linked six did not want to take any risks on getting hurt or killed by mono or by mono turning into thin man with her there so six dropped mono little did six know she was the one who made thin man. Six and mono is stuck in a time loop that never ends but only repeats.
Adrian Hynek Panague
Adrian Hynek Panague Місяць tagasi
This is the best game ever in the world
Adrian Hynek Panague
Adrian Hynek Panague Місяць tagasi
Adrian Hynek Panague
Adrian Hynek Panague Місяць tagasi
Adrian Hynek Panague
Adrian Hynek Panague Місяць tagasi
Neal Goss
Neal Goss Місяць tagasi
he did not get the seacrt ending what a shame
Neal Goss
Neal Goss Місяць tagasi
a guy on EEfrom got it take a look it is pretty wiled and it will blow your mind
Candace Keefer
Candace Keefer Місяць tagasi
six chould not hold on he whould save mono if hewas not heavy
Tyler Gonzalez
Tyler Gonzalez Місяць tagasi
six saved mono because he was hungry so much that he had to do it
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