IT'S SO COLD (Subnautica Below Zero Full Game) 

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This is DanTDM playing Subnautica Below Zero..



8 juuni 2021



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Owen Murphine
Owen Murphine 13 minutit tagasi
Hi Dan I am your biggest fan of your vids
The incredible Arturo
The incredible Arturo 50 minutit tagasi
you should have kept the penguin as a pet
Sasook 50 minutit tagasi
Friend: wanna go scuba diving? Me: Screams in subnautica
Cheesecake 51 minut tagasi
Maida: Stay off my land! Dan: N o .
Neon Knight
Neon Knight Tund tagasi
I’m so glad to see this back, the og subnautica series kept me sane during a big move back then. This is great.
HAIG MECHAET Tund tagasi
14:51 bottom left nice
Noah Avila
Noah Avila Tund tagasi
Dan if you scan things u already learned then u get titanium for free
ArrowMaster _
ArrowMaster _ 2 tundi tagasi
Long time, no sea😉
Liam Weeks
Liam Weeks 2 tundi tagasi
Hey dan you will probably never see this comment but i have something that i want you to make a video about. so on the escapists 1 i made a prison called payday and its by flashbax_ its in the workshop and it would make me the happiest kid in the world also i love your vids
Teteinha Linda
Teteinha Linda 2 tundi tagasi
Hey why do you don’t talk to mike Bijuu mike
Dalton Sandlin
Dalton Sandlin 2 tundi tagasi
That is a sea monkey it can steal any rhing in you hand except the seaglide I think but didn't not suck you face
I am not a possessed rat trust me i'm not
The fact that im eating spice food while watching this doe...
I am not a possessed rat trust me i'm not
So we've come so far that we can be killed by penguins
superJK92 2 tundi tagasi
The morse code says "SOS SOS"
AnimeCup 3 tundi tagasi
32:15 there is so many what!?! nazi’s!?!? and plus this was not to hate
PokeDoke 3 tundi tagasi
qwq hes finnaly playing it
Super EdgePlayz YT
Super EdgePlayz YT 3 tundi tagasi
Ah the nostalgia
Canon Porta
Canon Porta 3 tundi tagasi
By far my favorite series of yours is Riddle School
Austin Biehl
Austin Biehl 3 tundi tagasi
Could you please play ark on day
Bennyboyjnr 3 tundi tagasi
It’s gonna be so annoying when he finds Margeruit and everyone who knows Subnautica lore will be screaming at their screen
Rani Shiyam
Rani Shiyam 3 tundi tagasi
Dan: *eats fish* Also dan:i thought id killed something already Me:eating isnt killing?
Bennyboyjnr 3 tundi tagasi
Can you tell me what device this is on? Thanks if you can help!
peach _
peach _ 4 tundi tagasi
Dan did you make this song? Never ever ever going t o the nether because it says you did?
peach _
peach _ 4 tundi tagasi
Can can you please reply
Doonut Playz
Doonut Playz 5 tundi tagasi
Dan you need a mobile vehicle pods to even get a sea truck
M. Shahwaiz Hasan
M. Shahwaiz Hasan 5 tundi tagasi
Make part 2
Bigclown_131 6 tundi tagasi
Please make a series
Suspiciously Croissant
Suspiciously Croissant 6 tundi tagasi
"Last Known Position" - 666
Gina Melchert
Gina Melchert 6 tundi tagasi
Dantdm is now a samurai he will need to be trained by coryxkenshin
SnomGodCD 7 tundi tagasi
15:53 i call them boomers
TwT 8 tundi tagasi
Give me your face bones
Shahzeb Hussain
Shahzeb Hussain 9 tundi tagasi
Dan: sorry I'm late, it came out a week ago ME after playing minecraft: :/
XanderCurrall 11 tundi tagasi
Hey Dan you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say I have been watching you since I was 7 years old. I am now 12 and want to tell you that I laugh at your vids when I’m sad to feel better. Thanks Dan
Sleepy Boi
Sleepy Boi 11 tundi tagasi
I'm craving for these videos
VhumpinXD_Gaming 13 tundi tagasi
i have been waiting for this for idk HOW LONG. BUT DAN IS GONNA DO SERIES!! YAAAAAY
Username _Encrypted
Username _Encrypted 14 tundi tagasi
dna you can go deeper but your oxygen just depletes faster
miguel delgadillo
miguel delgadillo 15 tundi tagasi
FANALYYYYYYYY I’m so late ;-;
brandon hachey
brandon hachey 19 tundi tagasi
I was wondering if you can play this game again
Luis Cortes
Luis Cortes 19 tundi tagasi
I spelled wrong on the last comment I'm planning a a powerful organization the dab SWAT to stop the dab
Luis Cortes
Luis Cortes 19 tundi tagasi
DanTDM what are you doing we get back to work the dab is getting worse there's going to be an organization trying to stop you you need to get back to work now spring into action this is getting bad an organization is going to stop the dead police we need you now time to spring back in action the dab is our enemy and organization is working for the dab we need to stop it
Micah Bishop
Micah Bishop 20 tundi tagasi
Fun Fact: You can put penglings in a bioreactor.
The Wasaaap Brothers
The Wasaaap Brothers 21 tund tagasi
Pls make a series
Ava Boggess
Ava Boggess 23 tundi tagasi
Dan can you play house flipper again you said I will post a video soon did you no you didn't
Echo Gaming 14
Echo Gaming 14 Päev tagasi
Riley Päev tagasi
Show us the inside the hobbit hole in your backyard
Ronda Vannoy
Ronda Vannoy Päev tagasi
Penglyn what a lovely day I am in someone’s backpack Dan this is definitely not illegal Penguin how dare you take my son hits
Nordy On Macro
Nordy On Macro Päev tagasi
@Abou photoshop
Danger XType
Danger XType Päev tagasi
If I were to play this game I would have just stayed in the pod I am a big wimp LOL 😂
Patty Mackey
Patty Mackey Päev tagasi
He really said yeaeee
Berge Päev tagasi
Dan: 5:36 oh…. Me: Oh what????
JohnJohn Vasquez
JohnJohn Vasquez Päev tagasi
4k vids??????
Pr0grammed Päev tagasi
Berry Jellie
Berry Jellie Päev tagasi
N-yoow critcho dis covod
Furynetic Päev tagasi
me: what happens if you burn???
David Cuschieri
David Cuschieri Päev tagasi
Dan: I need water Also Dan: *Eats a bladderfish and lowers his water*
Jean_v7 Päev tagasi
Update OK
Update OK Päev tagasi
Should I play the original or the new below zero one
Isabella Malfoy
Isabella Malfoy Päev tagasi
Pulse Accelerate
Pulse Accelerate Päev tagasi
I have both subnautica games on my Ps5 and they are amazing
Niamhs_boba Bubbles
Niamhs_boba Bubbles Päev tagasi
8:56 for anyone who’s wondering what a dementor is, it’s something from Harry Potter
16:33 That text that pops up is morse code, and it means "SOS SOS SOS".
Crippled Toast
Crippled Toast Päev tagasi
I have not seen Dan in so long guess I just got cought up in covid with all its news
SprNva Päev tagasi
dan got me into subnautica back in the day, and it became my favourite game ever. So so happy to see him back at it again and he hasn't changed a bit
Fouad Aljanini
Fouad Aljanini Päev tagasi
Amy Hester
Amy Hester 2 päeva tagasi
Is the water as cold as the land
LJ HUNTING 2 päeva tagasi
hey dan can u pls play more
Ghosted 2 päeva tagasi
I need another video on this
Just Volume
Just Volume 2 päeva tagasi
My friend plays this game
A bypassed rat
A bypassed rat 2 päeva tagasi
Cool vid
_KoalaSan_ 2 päeva tagasi
SuperRyanZ 2 päeva tagasi
MAKE MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great playthrough!!! 😁
Fraz 2 päeva tagasi
cori jennings
cori jennings 2 päeva tagasi
At 10 41 I’ll never trust dan with knife!
Sangith Thevashanker
Sangith Thevashanker 2 päeva tagasi
Oh no no
Jaime Andrachuk
Jaime Andrachuk 2 päeva tagasi
What can you play this on???
Spade Loser
Spade Loser 2 päeva tagasi
Day 9 of trying to get Dan to play Omori
Exotic-puppy159 2 päeva tagasi
I call Them creepers
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I
15:36 Flashbacks
Brian T Black
Brian T Black 2 päeva tagasi
"Oh that's an aggressive thing isn't it"
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I
Good ol' classic
Marley Bingham
Marley Bingham 2 päeva tagasi
Plz make this a Siri’s
Maxxpower 2 päeva tagasi
Geothermal activity is when under ground/water has volcanic eruptions
John Theodoropoulos
John Theodoropoulos 2 päeva tagasi
or it says SSS
John Theodoropoulos
John Theodoropoulos 2 päeva tagasi
i think the morse code says SOS
Winters Channel
Winters Channel 2 päeva tagasi
Can u play my singing monsters
llama 2 päeva tagasi
Dan:were okay dont panick 10 seconds later Dan:oh no were straight up dieing
Poisonninja 2 päeva tagasi
Does the legend reply?
MagicWolf 101UwU
MagicWolf 101UwU 2 päeva tagasi
Thalassophobia: *exists* Me: OH BOY LETS GO WATCH DAN PLAY SUBNAUTICA!
Eora Stacks
Eora Stacks 2 päeva tagasi
What are the headphones he wears
ツZEFIX 2 päeva tagasi
robin bevan
robin bevan 2 päeva tagasi
You think I’m gonna die? Me: Sad life Convenient the the character name is robin,my name
LogiCRUPpted 3 päeva tagasi
Dan's close, but geothermal literally means 'earth-heat' (translated from Latin) basically meaning volcanoes (underwater or overwater)
Brody McKay
Brody McKay 3 päeva tagasi
I know he hasn’t played the game in a while, but it bothered me when he ate a bladderfish for water when eating it raw, gives you -4 water Edit: I didn’t see more into the video and I just saw him point out the fact that the bladderfish gives rid of water when raw
Jenilee Nardus
Jenilee Nardus 3 päeva tagasi
The part with the penguins! That was so funny
Marcin Switonski
Marcin Switonski 3 päeva tagasi
Marcin Switonski
Marcin Switonski 3 päeva tagasi
It is soo bad 😔
POTAT TOES 3 päeva tagasi
Man I love watching you
Louie Duck
Louie Duck 3 päeva tagasi
jaden thomas
jaden thomas 3 päeva tagasi
Creeper fish
Jellytoaster 3 päeva tagasi
"Eat something" -Subnautica 2021
freebeernchicken 3 päeva tagasi
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