omg... (Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update) 

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yo minecraft's new cave and cliffs update is WILD

Edited by: DanTDM



11 märts 2021



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Grizzly 14 tundi tagasi
Try on Minecraft PE beta ya got the cliffs and caves but the caves are just bigger right now
Grizzly 14 tundi tagasi
Try the mountains it will blow your mind
BhavBot Päev tagasi
Drake no way meme| -64 ------------ _____________________ Drake YES meme | a stack of - ------------
Burning Godzilla
Burning Godzilla Päev tagasi
If Dan was speedrunning and that geode broke the end portal 😂
trevor johnsen
trevor johnsen Päev tagasi
i have a world where i custom made everything to look so much better and your telling me that the caves and cliffs, sorry meant only caves just, because i will just have a world that custom does this, i can neither say i love this or i am sad yet happy.
Terri Page
Terri Page 2 päeva tagasi
The last coronation is -64 I love your video its amazing
torie warden
torie warden 2 päeva tagasi
Whoever dislikes Dan’s videos are a nub at minecraft or you trash at fortnite P.S Dan can you please make more TikToks pls love your vids
torie warden
torie warden 2 päeva tagasi
The bottom says Dan make more TikToks love your vids I am subbed 😀😀😃😃😁😁😄😄
I love the “_____ don’t grab me!”
Simon Welton
Simon Welton 3 päeva tagasi
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 3 päeva tagasi
Me lives in caves me sees this me welp I must bring 4 pickaxe
Gamer moment
Gamer moment 3 päeva tagasi
3:39 Me: yes dan i have in old adventure maps but not as nearly as good
Acidskatemyth 4 päeva tagasi
What snapshot is this?
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 4 päeva tagasi
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TheJackShack 4 päeva tagasi
Ok, guys I’m having anxiety. What do I do
Ava Crossing
Ava Crossing 4 päeva tagasi
It is still possible to still go in the end there are 2 end portals in every Minecraft world
uhisabel 4 päeva tagasi
the official caves come out for w 10/ mobile come out on part two
Dominic Hopkins
Dominic Hopkins 4 päeva tagasi
Him:I can do this all day. Me: okay Cap.
Tyler Choi
Tyler Choi 4 päeva tagasi
Dan: Getting to play the new snapshot Me: having to wait until june 8th to play cave and cliffs mobile
stevemc 01
stevemc 01 5 päeva tagasi
Crossbow: "I'm your favorite, right?" "Yeah." *announces spyglass* Crossbow: *adios* In all seriousness the spyglass is freaking amazing.
aTellyBridger 5 päeva tagasi
This is a lush cave
Nathonn 5 päeva tagasi
I love it. I am playing in it right now and I think it is the best update ever. I just had a pet goat and a pet axolotl!
marcPlayz 5 päeva tagasi
I have cave and cliffs too omg...
Dust sans Of destruction
Dust sans Of destruction 5 päeva tagasi
No dang why my tablet have to be broken I had Minecraft on it
Christian STAIB
Christian STAIB 6 päeva tagasi
Rip that stronghold
Doppio 6 päeva tagasi
Hehe bedrock got 1.17 out HEHEHEHE
Anime 6 päeva tagasi
Subbing us free but joining isn't
Cis 6 päeva tagasi
imagine torching all of that caves. damn
RadBunny 6 päeva tagasi
Why do you hate glow Squids lol
Ashley Maddock
Ashley Maddock 6 päeva tagasi
I do not have the update
Nandan SV
Nandan SV 6 päeva tagasi
you can now make the words glow when you write on a sign
rixxie 7 päeva tagasi
Welp, It’s Out Now Part One Is Here
Rachel Crass
Rachel Crass 7 päeva tagasi
9:50 what was that blue thing you were looking at??
Zone Zero
Zone Zero 7 päeva tagasi
5:38 dantdm finds a very rare occurrence
Angelica Prabowo
Angelica Prabowo 7 päeva tagasi
cave & cliffs is updating to my minecraft
Kent Bluebarry
Kent Bluebarry 7 päeva tagasi
Lawrence 7 päeva tagasi
cant wait to fall for my death digging straight down
Coolkid aka me Probasco
Coolkid aka me Probasco 7 päeva tagasi
Oh crap that good
DRHARRY BHARDWAJ 7 päeva tagasi
5:43 dream *speedruns* Amethyst: Ima end this man’s whole career
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 7 päeva tagasi
Technically, they raised the build height. Now we just have to lower the floor
That_ PUBG_Player_556
That_ PUBG_Player_556 7 päeva tagasi
Me playing it when it is out and finding no better caves :/
{Daxie}💯🥮💮 7 päeva tagasi
What are the coordinates
melanie anne
melanie anne 7 päeva tagasi
8.52, “there’s now a farm land block, not sure if we had them beforehand”. DAN MY MAN yes we did 😂
it’s finally here on bedrock
Kymani Playz
Kymani Playz 8 päeva tagasi
Do you have early access
United Falls
United Falls 8 päeva tagasi
It’s called snapshots also the cave update now is officially out it’s only part 1 tho so it’s not that good part 2 will add everything
TechnoBoyAshank 8 päeva tagasi
It would have been better if he could play it in the hardcore world
Fariezel 8 päeva tagasi
Is this even mincraft
Dilraj Mor
Dilraj Mor 8 päeva tagasi
Dans lucky because microsoft let him have the update early
Ruzniel M. Bulaong
Ruzniel M. Bulaong 5 päeva tagasi
Well not really... It is actually available to the public. Its called "Snapshots"
Airu Kineshi
Airu Kineshi 8 päeva tagasi
this one is worst when you use the shaders textures
Evan Hernandez
Evan Hernandez 8 päeva tagasi
My caves look normal
Alexis Goodwin
Alexis Goodwin 8 päeva tagasi
Is this even Minecraft anymore????
Anthony Delgado
Anthony Delgado 8 päeva tagasi
How did you get 1.17 so early it comes out on jun 8
Anthony Delgado
Anthony Delgado 6 päeva tagasi
@fxuql ohh I didn't know that
fxuql 8 päeva tagasi
It's a snapshot
MagicZ 8 päeva tagasi
you could originaly build up to 256
assblaster906 8 päeva tagasi
So excited for tomorrow
Me and the bois
Me and the bois 9 päeva tagasi
Then: never dig straight down Now: always dig straight down
gamer boi
gamer boi 9 päeva tagasi
wait is this a mod? because i cant wait for this update, but its gonna come in summer :(
ajdin715andi 9 päeva tagasi
Do you play on bedrock or java. Because if you play on java you can get the snapshot right now but if you play bedrock one update will come tomorrow and then you have to wait until January or December on bedrock.
runw1thscissors 9 päeva tagasi
before: never dig straight down now: never ever EVER dig straight down
Royale_Vids 9 päeva tagasi
can't wait for this to get released.
navy 9 päeva tagasi
The perfect place for a base.
8 bit Ali
8 bit Ali 10 päeva tagasi
Is this only java
Mew3op911 10 päeva tagasi
1:08 the way he laughs XD
Cerys-Rose Prideaux
Cerys-Rose Prideaux 10 päeva tagasi
CheeseBoy 10 päeva tagasi
mr Dan, i think instead of setting the video's brightness up and burning our eyes, maybe you should up a notch the in game gamma to 100.0. Thank you from me and my burning eye =)
Soldier-tuber 10 päeva tagasi
Me and the bois
Me and the bois 9 päeva tagasi
Or maybe a snapshot he just said that in the vid dum
Sabre Pulse
Sabre Pulse 10 päeva tagasi
Can you please finish just shapes and beats
Smile&Watch 11 päeva tagasi
Well there goes any chance of me getting back to the surface..
Mc 11 päeva tagasi
People who strip mine: 👁️💧👄💧👁️
Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki 11 päeva tagasi
more slime rancher cuz it has mods and a storyline and it is fun to play even if you finish the game
J. Mark Meacham
J. Mark Meacham 11 päeva tagasi
Rating diamond ore deepslate 10/10 stone 1/10
Sheepy Sage
Sheepy Sage 11 päeva tagasi
somebody had the idea of making the warden from the end of the c418 11 music disc (fun fact: the time in the 11th music disc is 1 minute 11 seconds and 11 milliseconds aka 1.11.11)
WolfieTheWolf 12 päeva tagasi
Just Wait For June 8th
Ileana Davis
Ileana Davis 12 päeva tagasi
Dantdm you are lucky you can access the snapshots I can't
ItzJen 12 päeva tagasi
this is just crazy I play bedrock, so I have to wait longer for it I'm pretty sure which is sad ):
Andrew Soto
Andrew Soto 12 päeva tagasi
Make a hard series in Minecraft caves and cliffs update
MM fun Universe
MM fun Universe 12 päeva tagasi
Copper 5:21
Dahlia Lebahn
Dahlia Lebahn 12 päeva tagasi
I play on bedrock :(
Brenda Dawson
Brenda Dawson 12 päeva tagasi
Arvin Mehta
Arvin Mehta 12 päeva tagasi
The ore doesnt changr on which biome you're in, it depends what y level you are on
Pizza time
Pizza time 13 päeva tagasi
The minecraft world is a stack deep
Preslee Banks
Preslee Banks 13 päeva tagasi
Is this in normal minecraft?
Pablo Smith
Pablo Smith 14 päeva tagasi
Rip bedrock edition
Me and the bois
Me and the bois 9 päeva tagasi
It’s also coming in bedrock tomorrow don’t worry :)
Edmyralyn Dandan
Edmyralyn Dandan 14 päeva tagasi
I won't be able to see bc I don't have the real minecraft-
Sophia marshall
Sophia marshall 14 päeva tagasi
(i know this is random but) are you young? about 7,8,9,10,11 or any age below 13 do you think about how if you move out your gonna have to pay for hospital bills and your house your also gonna have to be singl3 so you don't have extra tings to worry about😔☹🙁🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭🤧🤧😖😖
ZeenXdown BG MC AU
ZeenXdown BG MC AU 15 päeva tagasi
I am playing the actual version and it has a few less features
chandler patton
chandler patton 16 päeva tagasi
Is this even mincraft???!!!
Sean LOW
Sean LOW 16 päeva tagasi
impossible minecraft seed 101
Saad Abid
Saad Abid 17 päeva tagasi
Dantdm can you please video on how to download minecraft 1.17 updates for free please 🙏
Saad Abid
Saad Abid 9 päeva tagasi
OK but still if he makes a video about how to download minecraft for free it will be nice
SkyDriver CO
SkyDriver CO 9 päeva tagasi
@Saad Abid boi. oh my lord. he has snapshots on java
Saad Abid
Saad Abid 9 päeva tagasi
@SkyDriver CO 1.17 is not released yet and he probably download the version
SkyDriver CO
SkyDriver CO 9 päeva tagasi
but he bought minecraft and played them. so what do you mean?
Spades Queen
Spades Queen 17 päeva tagasi
Why u got harry potter glasses?
Dhiya hamidah channel
Dhiya hamidah channel 17 päeva tagasi
Cant see anything to dark put night vision pls
Aubrey Maddox Buckson
Aubrey Maddox Buckson 18 päeva tagasi
I have a big problem..... *I can mlg water bucket*
William Baldwin
William Baldwin 18 päeva tagasi
Kraus Family
Kraus Family 18 päeva tagasi
Is this out for PE yet?
Dwi Aryathi
Dwi Aryathi 18 päeva tagasi
Pros: new ore, cool looks, bigger caves etc Cons: more cave sounds
Hybrid Cat :3
Hybrid Cat :3 19 päeva tagasi
eating vines before vid i just live on the ground with my 5 story house and dig a cave in your property sees big cave would just put the portals in cave i would do that in minecraft caves and cliffs
shadow of mountain clan
shadow of mountain clan 19 päeva tagasi
I play on PS3 so I probably won't get this update *sad*
star crum
star crum 19 päeva tagasi
You missed the warden!!
Cenk Özkan
Cenk Özkan 19 päeva tagasi
you can use f3+f4 to swith between gamemodes
M4X 19 päeva tagasi
Haha most disliked video on dantdm
SkyDriver CO
SkyDriver CO 9 päeva tagasi
no. it isn't
Sprouting Art
Sprouting Art 20 päeva tagasi
So I am one of the Minecraft players that loves building mostly and those lush caves man i am exited for building a house inside a lush cave
C4Creative Corner
C4Creative Corner 20 päeva tagasi
Ill never be able to see the update 😔
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